8 California Exterior House Color Schemes

From luxurious cream-colored palettes to iconic red and white farmhouse siding – California exterior house colors run the gambit. California is home to a wide range of climates and lifestyles, which leads to a variety of unique house designs that reflect the beautiful diversity of the West Coast.

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Whether you’re renovating a home in California or taking inspiration from the Golden State and bringing that aesthetic to another part of the country, having a full grasp on California exterior house colors can illuminate your project plans and help you design with intention.

This article serves as an introduction to the various California exterior house colors that have become representative of this beautiful state. Learn how to pair colors correctly to achieve stunning, Cali-inspired exteriors – and discover the best siding for reflecting the unique architectural identity of California home designs.

How the Landscape Influences California Exterior House Colors

Climate, landscape, lifestyle – all of these things have a profound influence on architecture. Even when narrowing the design eye down to the color details, it’s easy to see how California’s various cultural and geographical realities help shape the aesthetic identity of residential homes.

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First, climate and landscape play a huge role in exterior design. California is home to four major geographical types: desert, mountain, coastal, and valley. These distinct natural settings have shaped home aesthetics over the years. Natural features, neutral color palettes, and raw, organic building materials clearly reflect the natural surroundings of the Sierra Nevada mountains and forested areas of California.

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Likewise, lifestyle characteristics also play a role. Iconic farmhouse structures and ranch houses are more likely to be found in the rich agricultural areas of California, like the Great Valley, than in coastal neighborhoods known to harbor celebrities and multi-billion dollar homes designed to express opulence and luxury.

Keeping these influences in mind, let’s identify four major categories that can help classify the most popular California exterior house colors:

California Mountain Style Aesthetic

Towering redwoods and sequoias, rocky hillsides, fields of wispy wildflowers – the mountainous areas of California serve as a beautiful backdrop to homes that embrace a natural aesthetic. Chalets, bungalows, cabins, and lodges fit into this landscape effortlessly, by leaning into natural color palettes for the siding and trim. Here are two popular California exterior house colors to try, inspired by the forested areas of the state:

  • Taupe and Nutmeg
  • Ash Gray and Brown

Quintessential Ranch Houses in the Valley

Fertile valley stretches far and wide in the middle of the state for an agricultural setting that’s hard to beat. California ranch house exterior colors typically reflect this rich farming heritage with traditional colors that call an agricultural landscape to mind. These particular color combinations capture the California farmhouse vibe, but they look great in any corner of the country:

  • White and Black
  • Red and White

Coastal Color Schemes

Life along the coast can vary greatly from the northern end of the state to the southern side. The Bay area in the northern part of the state is known for bright, warm colors stacked vertically, while cities like San Diego and Los Angeles have a slightly different ranch and bungalow style. Here are two color combos to try to recreate classic California exterior house colors found along the coast:

  • Teal and White
  • Cream and Alabaster

SoCal Exterior House Colors

Southern California exterior house colors reflect the hot, dry environment of the desert. Light-colored house exteriors are better suited for hot climates because they reflect the heat better and keep the house cooler. Crisp, neutral colors also have a naturally luxurious appearance, which them ideal for SoCal residents:

  • Macadamia and Pearl
  • Pure White and Alabaster

Best Siding for Every Region in California

Whether you’re building a chalet in the mountains or a luxe residence in SoCal, choosing the right building materials for the climate can make a big difference in terms of how long your house exterior colors keep up their appearance. Siding should be able to withstand the unique conditions of the Golden State, including hot, arid deserts as well as the wet and humid air of the mountains and coastal areas.

Allura fiber cement siding is crafted with exceptional color quality that’s built to last, so homeowners won’t need to worry about expensive repairs or tireless upkeep to maintain a stunning color clarity. Built from super durable fiber cement, Allura siding is long-lasting, weather resistant, and easy to install. It stands up to the elements much better than traditional wood siding or vinyl – both of which can crack, buckle, and fade under the various climate conditions found throughout California.

With a variety of siding styles and refreshing colors to choose from, it’s easy to craft irresistible curb appeal inspired by any of these popular California exterior house colors.

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