The Top 50 California Home Builder Blogs

Whether you’re looking for new sources of inspiration for your home project or just wants to get updated with the latest news and trends in the home building industry, we got you covered. We listed the top 50 home building blog posts that are worth checking out.

1. Ashbury

If you are looking for an extremely creative view on different architectural approaches to both interior and exterior design, this blog is the way to go. From foundations to utilizing your outdoor space, Ashbury covers it all with great references and comparisons to modern day architecture in the aim to make the world and your home more than easy on the eye.

With its dominant presence on Google, attracting over 30,000 visitors per month and a Domain Rating of 60, thanks to its effective use of link building services, Ashbury has established itself as a leading authority in the field of architectural design and inspiration.

2. Shea Homes

Shea Homes produces very relatable content and really seem to understand their audience. With an array of different design and decor trends it is clear that they have a firm grasp on interior design and if you are lucky, you might be one of the lucky people who wins one of their regular competitions!

3. Clarum Homes

A modern website to radiate the passion, Clarum Homes has a thin for minimalism allowing you to embrace the simplistic graphics they have of their model homes. They have set the bar in identifying the perfect amount of materials, space and colour to define simplistic. Full of inspirational tips for you to experiment within your own home.

4. Richmond American Homes

Listicle writes articles which gets straight to the point without ‘beating around the bush’. If you’re looking to get your essential knowledge without the fancy website and distracting graphics this is where you need to look. Full of useful knowledge and amazing tips on everything about owning a house.

5. Raymus Homes

Some blogs really appeal to the normal house owner like you and me, and Raymus Homes has one of them. Everything on this blog seems to have the theme of ‘on a budget’, which most people are! Decorative pieces for your house along with local community promotions, this blog has a real homey feel to it that welcomes you like your mom does with a roast dinner!

6. KB Home

A blog that is all about the tips and advice on improving the natural wellbeing of a homeowner. This blog features holiday homes, pet friendly house, energy friendly homes and many more! The list really goes on and the wealth of knowledge provided is second to none.

7. Lennar

This page is very much aimed at people who are looking to buy a home. The writers have a lot of good information on ‘renting vs buying’ and ‘how to save for a deposit’ etc. Aside from that, they also have tons of resources that can help you as a homeowner. Also, there are other useful tools on the page! One example is a tool which allows you to compare floor plans of different houses and save the ones that fits your preferences.

8. Preferred Home Builders

If you are finding your home a little bit dated but not sure on how to redecorate to fit in with modern design, this blog has your name written all over it! Any room in the house which you want to decorate, you’ll be able to find helpful tips and advice here. Not only that, the images they provide to back up their designs are just wonderful!

9. Structure Home

Last month this organization celebrated their 21st birthday, a huge achievement for any organization! The company’s growth is evident in their blog posts and how they have helped many families through their services and it is very clear how they have become so successful. Behind the blog posts seem to be a real tight knit and a loyal group of employees, some of them have been there over 10 years!

10. Homes Direct

A lot of the posts on this blog are aimed at people who want to build a house from scratch and it provides very useful examples of approaches to building your own house. You’ll get expert advice from these pros on cost effective ways on building your own house.

12. Pro Builder

If you want to know the latest news and trends on owning a house then this blog might be the right place for you. They feature the recent updates on home ownership as well as the newest home innovation technology available today.

13. DeNova Homes

Northern California doesn’t need to be sold to anyone because everybody knows how great the state is anyway. Nevertheless, this community minded blog does a great job of informing the readers about the benefits of living in this area of the country! Short and to the point posts outlining key points without the unnecessary long winded sales pitch.

14. Taylor Morrison

A real heart felt blog with the intention to share information to as many home owners as they possibly can to love where they live and allow it to truly become something they can call home. From design trends to homeowner love stories, this post has everything you could want to make you feel great about yourself!

15. De Young Properties

With tons of tips on home ownership, home building and more, this blog is worth checking out. They feature various types of articles that most home related websites don’t such as refinancing your home, latest home building trends and even giveaways. This blog has everything you need whether you’re a home builder or a homeowner.

16. Brookfield Residential

Easy to navigate is the first thing that springs to mind when reading the Brookfield Residential blog. Full of local news stories and all things real estate in the Morningstar ranch area, this doesn’t beat around the bush!

17. FCB Homes

A very modern blog which is full of great ‘how to’s’ to keep the reader up to date on the latest trends and approaches to their housing needs. A particularly good read is ‘Buying a New Home in 2017? Start Prepping Now!’ – this post contains various essential tips on what a homeowner should consider before deciding to buy a house. It’s really worth checking out.

18. Beazer Homes

Tips, do’s and don’t’s, video’s, listicle approaches, this page has it all! Beazer homes are always changing the way they deliver the vast wealth of knowledge they have on the current real estate trends and to be honest, no matter what way I read it, it is always an interesting read!

19. Mega Builders

This blog contains pertinent information that caters to both homeowners and home builders alike. On this blog, you’ll see great ideas on bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling to name a few. Aside from that, they also feature some real estate advice on increasing the value of your home.

20. Advanced Builders and Contractors

Everyone thinks about remodeling one of their rooms every now and then and this blog will equip you with a bunch of information that will help you make that big decision! A lot of the work is based around the Los Angeles area which as everyone knows is more inclined towards modern and stylish designs. Overall, this blog is worth visiting every now and then to get inspired.

21. Shoreline Construction

If you are thinking about moving to Orange County, California then this will definitely confirm any doubts that you might be having (if you were having any of course!). The one post the blog consists of outlines many benefits of this beautiful area of the world and will convince you that building there should be on the top of everyone’s agenda.

22. Toll Brothers

Beautiful interior design ideas coupled with a community of people to connect with about real estate is what you get with the Toll Brothers blog. The valuable information and unbelievably attractive images makes this blog a good online hub for homeowners and home builders.

23. “Ma” Williams

The ‘“Ma” Williams’ business is a family run business and has been running for nearly 50 years! They have strict principles and one of them being that the customers’ needs always comes first. Their posts sole aim is to educate, advise and entertain their customers with their content. One of the most recommended blogs for people working in the home building industry.

24. Pacific Modern Homes Inc.

Building your dream home has never been easier with the Pacific Modern Homes blog! From finances to time schedules, any issues that you think you might come across can be answered in this blog. Informative and witty, this blog is a gem.

25. Easy Living Homes

This blog has everything! You can read about designs that will transform your kitchen and then you can read about ways to make your windows energy efficient. Easy Living Homes really do try to cover all bases so you are guaranteed to find a post that is relatable to you or your situation!

26. Tim Lewis Communities

The guys at Tim Lewis really know how to use imagery to bring their blog posts to life! Amazing pictures with great information is essentially want everyone wants from a blog and this hits the nail on the head. The design tips are a particular favourite of mine!

27. Kiper Homes

We all have a sense of pride about our local community but do we all take it to the next level to inform everyone else how great it is to live there? Kiper Homes combine interior design with local community information to help every reader really love where they live!

28. Blu Homes

Blu Homes have made my idea of a perfect blog! It is easy to navigate, it looks great, the information is relatable and its diverse to keep me entertained. A truly Californian approach to blogging with an abstract look to the website. We would just like some more posts to read from them!

29. Jeff Luchetti Construction Inc.

All construction based enthusiasts that reside in the state of California should browse through the Jeff Luchetti Construction blog because it is possibly the easiest way to keep up to date with the latest and greatest construction projects in the area, some of which are extremely impressive builds with amazing architecture.

30. Ennis Team

If you are looking for house listings at great prices the Ennis Team have a great blog! They have a listicle style approach to promoting semi-custom and custom houses in the price range of $300’s. The posts come equipped with great images and a solid description of the property informing you of everything you need to know!

31. Green Works

The best thing about owning a home is being able to remodel any room exactly how you want to, and the great thing about remodeling in today’s world is that Green Works provide great blog posts with inspiring ideas and tips. The examples of great architecture and interior design are mesmerizing!

32. City Ventures Residences

Everyone thinks they know all about renewable energy but only a small percentage of us will actually take advantage of the brilliant concept! City Venture Residences do an amazing job of promoting affordable eco-friendly homes in northern and southern California! Not only that, they inform you of the benefits and the money you could save!

33. Tiny Treasure Homes

One of the most unique blog pages I have ever found myself so intrigued with! Tiny Treasure Homes have an amazing concept with their community of people deciding to swap the large 4 bedroom house and pool for a small space known as a ‘tiny house’. Families from all walks of life explaining why they have chosen this option and basically how amazing it is!

34. Proto Homes

A true appreciation of architecture with a website that resembles that, too. This blog really captures what a beautiful home is and it is aimed at the creative, artistic people inspired by different themes. The blog page oozes modernism with impeccable imagery which makes it look amazing.

35. Hartman Baldwin

Most people think design is just style, but when Hartman Baldwin talk about style they’re talking about an engaged process that involves identifying and understanding a problem, then using their imagination and experience to discover a solution. An inspiring and innovative wealth of knowledge put into a blog about interior and exterior house design.

36. Allen Construction

Solar energy and green building seems to be the theme of a lot of the posts on the Allen Construction blog. They explain the benefits of this way of building homes and buildings but also incorporate it with unique design trends which allow many people to apply it to their new modern house builds.

37. Smith Brothers

From a company that has been offering architecture, construction and interior design services for almost 30 years, the blog post really shows how much knowledge the guys at Smith Brothers have around the real estate subject. They mainly focus on state of the art houses in the california area, and they have been featured in many different magazines!

38. Lawson Construction

Lawson Construction believe in making your vision and dreams come to life. To do that not only do they claim to provide amazing customer service but they also provide an amazing blog full of great tips, advice and knowledge. It is an easy read and will benefit anyone looking to build or remodel!

39. California Coast Builders, Inc.

“BUILD GREEN SAVE GREEN”! That is the message I imagine the guys at California Coast Builders have metaphorically tattooed on their brains. They operate a blog which is very eco-friendly based with the sole aim to inform everyone of how great renewable energy is and how the world has to head that way in the near future.

40. Davidson Communities

If a house can be rustic and modern, Davidson Communities will have an amazing opinion / spin on some ideas for it! They claim to never cease to look for ways to make a home better and this is extremely evident in their rustic approach at bringing nature and housing together to form beautiful works of art. The examples these guys refer to in the blog are enough to make you open up that savings account and get designing!

41. NewWest Homes

Beautifully modern architecture accompanied by lovely imagery and graphics are what you get with the NewWest Homes blog. It provides individuals and professional builders for purchasing and installing all types of factory built homes. Their motto is ‘we are successful when our customer is happy!’

42. California Construction Company

As you can probably guess by the title ‘California Construction Company’, this page is very much aimed at construction and engineering heads! However even the average homeowner can take some great advice from the insightful posts. Full of great tips and how to’s, this is definitely worth a read!

43. Ground Up Builders

Over 10 years of experience and knowledge is put into this great blog and it really helps people save money and utilise different ways of constructing a home! As a company they have been leading the solar energy innovation for quite some time and they cannot praise solar panels enough!

44. Elacora

The Elacora team does a great job of keeping everyone in the local community up to date on the latest projects and events happening around homes and real estate. Located in Denver, the beautiful weather allows great images to accompany the wealth of information provided on this blog.

45. DMC Home Building, Inc

This blog presented by DMC Home Building is full of home improvement tips which help educate homeowners with minor repairs, and to decide when they need a contractor or not. In addition to this, the team provide great links on home improvement! Their aim is to be the go to website for clients to go to when they have questions about their building projects.

46. Prime Construction Specialists, Inc.

Everything you need / want to know on building your own home is covered by Prime Construction in their top notch blog! Very detailed posts showing a diverse range of experience from the team of house renovation specialists ensuring only the best and most informative tips and facts going to the client.

47. Modaa Construction

A brand new blog which looks like it has bundles of potential! The most recent and only post is full of useful information and presented in a sleek modern way. Amazing images and very well laid out, this blog will be getting a lot of attention when some more content is posted!

48. Diditan Group

This blog screams luxury! The guys at Diditan Group point out the most amazing houses not only across the country but across the globe, and share great images of them all also. Million dollar houses owned by celebrities and professional sports men & women is the target content for this page and it is highly entertaining!

49. Roger Perron

This blog is aimed at keeping clients up to date with the goings on of the Roger Perron design build company. If you are looking to build a house or remodel it is definitely worth checking out these blog posts to see what they’re up to!

50. Joel and Co. Construction

We all have ideas of how we can change our current home to make it look great for that summer barbeque or that halloween party. Joel and Co. Construction write very specific posts which can inspire you into finally getting that perfect home! The great thing about this blog is that the posts are frequent which will ensure that the blog is diverse.

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