Understanding Cape Cod Home Aesthetics and 15 Alluring Design Ideas

Immediately recognizable, Cape Cod houses have a unique place in the modern architectural design scene. The good news? You don’t need to live on the coast to embrace these gorgeous Cape Cod house design ideas!

This article presents 15 iconic styles that can help you when renovating your home to capture the gorgeous aesthetic of Cape Cod house designs. Get to know the unique colors, styles, textures, and combinations needed to pull off the look.

What to Look For: Renovating Cape Cod House Design Ideas

Breaking down the unique components of familiar designs can be tricky, because we’re often so familiar with the entire aesthetic that we tend to overlook the details. If you are renovating, it’s essential to identify all the elements that are available to work with. Whether you’re trying to extend Cape Cod house interior design ideas to the exterior, or you’re just getting started in selecting the right siding, knowing what to look for can be a game changer.

Cape Cod house designs start with architecture. These homes tend to have a low, broad frame construction that’s either one or two levels. A gabled roof is essential, and it tends to have a moderately-steep pitch in its design. Cape Cod houses also tend to have a prominent chimney structure, sometimes in the middle of the home or on the side. There are also certain colors, textures, and siding styles that can help capture the magic of a Cape Cod house design.

Every home will not fit into this architectural profile precisely, but certain renovations can be made throughout the exterior to help express the Cape Cod style.

15 Awesome Design Ideas for Cape Cod-Style Homes

Take a look at some stunning examples below, which show how renovating Cape Cod house design ideas can be possible – even if your home doesn’t have all the classic characteristics of coastal architecture:

1. Teal Board and Batten with White Trim


Bold color is kept crisp and modern with a fresh white trim and white garage door. Because the board and batten siding expresses such a rich color, the vertical beams are barely noticeable while adding subtle texture that creates a relaxed coastal aesthetic.

2. Red Along the Roofline


Gabled roofing is characteristic of Cape Cod house design ideas. The fascia and trim on this home help draw attention to the gables with bright red paint that pops against the white siding. Notice how this same color is used to accent the chimney as well.

3. Beige and Cream Textures


Neutral colors can also capture a Cape Cod aesthetic. This home introduces a variety of textures – including shake, board and batten, and smooth paneling – to add gorgeous details to the exterior.

4. Pacific Blue Exterior


This steely blue color – known as Pacific Blue – looks fantastic against the charcoal gray siding, and creates a composition that draws on classic nautical tones reminiscent of the coastline. The shake siding provides a charming texture that looks similar to the cottages found on Cape Cod.

5. Green Lap with Board and Batten


Green is another color that can be found in popular Cape Cod house design ideas. This siding has a sage-green color tone to it, which looks fantastic against the natural stone chimney that stretches up the side of the home. Notice how board and batten is used to help certain areas of the exterior stand out.

6. Burgundy Siding with White Trim


Burgundy is a bold choice for a Cape Cod house design, but it works exceptionally well on this two-story home, thanks to the crisp white trim that outlines the windows and helps emphasize the architecture. Similar to the previous design idea, this home features a combination of clapboard and board and batten siding to create a dynamic impression.

7. Cool Gray Exterior


Gray is not considered a traditional choice for Cape Cod house design ideas, but it has gained popularity in recent years because of the widespread interest in a minimalist color palette. Gray continues to be a dominant choice in both interior design ideas and exterior designs, and this home shows how a sprawling sweep of gray can create a peaceful ambiance – especially when paired with white trim to accentuate the gables and porch area.

8. Contemporary Coastal Aesthetic


When you think about fresh color, texture, and natural combinations, this home has it all! Not only is there a variety of siding styles – including lap, board and batten, and smooth architectural panels – but there is also a cohesive feel to the exterior because of the white trim work that continues the two-tone palette throughout the facade. The Dutch-style gabled roof adds a whimsical effect to this home, while the soft blue color is right in line with the fresh, coastal flair found throughout Cape Cod.

9. Simplicity in Design


Cape Cod house design ideas often have a simplicity to them that creates a welcoming ambiance. This home exemplifies that easy style with simple gray lap and white trim. The fixed shutters add a nice touch, while the porch facade expresses subtle ornamentation with the banisters and shake to add flattering details to the exterior.

10. Wraparound Porch Design


A connection to the outdoors is obvious in most Cape Cod house design ideas. The wraparound porch on this home makes a big impression, as uniform white columns add measure and a linear quality to the beige lap exterior.

11. Natural Surroundings and Color Palette


The gorgeous landscaping surrounding this home draws on natural components to create that authentic Cape Cod feel. Notice how the exterior color palette – sage green, beige, and taupe – blends exceptionally well with the gray stone and brick features.

12. Board and Batten with Flagstone


A popular style that can be spotted in suburban areas far from the coast, this exterior showcases how modern materials can be combined to express the quintessential Cape Cod character. The light gray board and batten carries a coastal feel while pairing beautifully with the dark gray roof and light-colored flagstone.

13. Modern Dollhouse Aesthetic

Unnamed 8

Most Cape Cod house exterior design ideas have a carefree minimalism to them, but this home shows how ornamentation can be added to jazz up the exterior without abandoning the coastal aesthetic. Decorative fascia, textured shake, and segmented columns work together to create a harmonious appearance that looks amazing.

14. Yellow Shake and Lap Siding


Pastels are prominent in coastal Cape Cod designs, and this home has the perfect balance of color and texture to create a charming facade. Shake and lap are staggered in a way that feels exciting and fun, by drawing attention to the gables and turrets.

15. Natural Color Palette


Olive green, beige, charcoal gray – this home has an amazing combination of natural hues that are put together in a way that feels contemporary. The fixed shutters, double-beamed gable, and adirondacks usher in a Cape Cod aesthetic that’s a delight.

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