14 Modern Cladding Design Ideas for Commercial Buildings

Wall cladding is an excellent resource that can make commercial buildings memorable.

With an abundance of styles, colors, and textures, exterior wall cladding can be combined in a myriad of ways to create a striking effect.

This article highlights fresh ways to use the power of cladding design to create exquisite character for your commercial building.

How to Create Contemporary Cladding Designs

Learning the art of cladding design is a smart way to help your structure stand out. As most commercial property owners know, an attractive building can grab attention and bring in business. Exceptional cladding design also has the power to transform the block and increase property values in the area.

How do you pull off a winning wall cladding design? First, it’s important to recognize that the quality of wall cladding – especially its ability to maintain a beautiful appearance – is dependent on the materials used for the cladding design. The best cladding designs rely on attractive panels that lock into place easily and provide the durability needed to withstand the elements.

14 Modern Cladding Design Ideas for Commercial Projects

Most cladding designs rely on linear qualities, creative color combinations, and unique textures to provoke a fresh feel.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these 14 fiber cement cladding design ideas that are perfect for commercial buildings:

1. Black and Tan


This classic color combo is made even more striking by the unique juxtaposition of texture. Notice how the wood-style cladding design features a natural-looking grain pattern. Outlined with chic gray trim, the wood-style cladding expresses a rustic quality that feels sophisticated next to the smooth black architectural panels.

2. Cool Blue Tones


Steely blue tones and off-white panels create a coastal vibe for this building, which utilizes a variety of cladding designs – including smooth white sections, grooved panels, and a brick-style facade. The result is sharp, refreshing, and friendly.

3. Linear Design with Contrasting Colors


This commercial property leans into the blocky nature of the building by emphasizing its linear design. Salmon, gray, green – these unexpected colors create a dynamic palette, but the white trim stretches a consistent pattern across the color-changing facade.

4. Play with Perspective


Exterior design doesn’t stop with the siding! Bump-outs, balconies, eaves, and other architectural details can contribute to the cladding design. This structure adds detail by using wood-look lap siding on the eaves and on isolated sections of the wall. This contrasts beautifully with the gray architectural panels while creating a cohesive wall cladding design.

5. Unexpected Pop of Color


Adding a ‘pop of color’ may sound cliche, but the refreshing yellow hue comes as an unexpected choice that enhances the overall wall cladding design and creates a contemporary look for this urban commercial building.

6. Consistency Across the Brand


For commercial buildings that function as franchises or exist as part of a portfolio of properties, a standard wall cladding design can create the consistency needed for customers to recognize the brand and experience a sense of familiarity. Smooth gray panels create the perfect backdrop for the signature red, yellow, and white signage and details of this brand.

7. Gorgeous Wood-Style Facade


Matching trim complements the wood-style cladding design of this structure, to create a rich sense of character and beauty. Though it captures the authenticity of classic woodwork, don’t be fooled by the natural-looking grain pattern and subtle texture – this building features wood-style fiber cement cladding and trim, which is more durable and longer lasting.

8. Attention to Detail from Every Angle


This sprawling ranch-style property has plenty of architectural details to play with, which provides ample opportunity to ramp up the cladding design. While sage green panels, beige lap, and large glass windows create interest from every angle, it’s the uniform trim color – a striking rust-colored hue – that ties it all together.

9. Compartmentalize with Color


For mixed-use properties that feature shopping or dining on the ground floor, cladding design can be used to visually segment the building and emphasize a change in usage. Not only does this building feature a dramatic color change – from beige to lime green – but it also has a sharp line of white cladding that splits the ground floor from the upper levels.

10. Exterior Accent Walls


Many successful cladding designs draw on time-tested interior strategies. This building shows how an accent wall can be created using two different colors and textures. Dark gray cladding with a classic windowpane trim pattern is situated next to light gray lap-style siding that breaks up the layout and creates a unique accent for the exterior.

11. Blending Industrial and Rustic Elements


Wood-style brown lap, smooth gray siding, and vibrant red panels – believe it or not, all three of these are crafted with fiber cement cladding, meaning they’re completely compatible and easy to install side by side. Marrying rustic and industrial styles can create an amazing effect, as seen in this dynamic cladding design.

12. Complementing Glass Windows and Walls


Large glass windows make up a substantial part of this building, so the smooth siding panels are absolutely perfect for complementing the facade and creating a consistent appearance. Reflecting a similar shape as the rectangular windows, the brown fiber cement panels keep the regularity of the design while framing the entryway nicely.

13. Lodge-Inspired Exterior


A rustic vibe can bring amazing character to commercial buildings – especially those located in areas known for the outdoors. Drawing inspiration from a classic ski lodge, this building has stone elements near the foundation, wood-style trim and traditional lap. The forest green siding looks amazing with the Autumn Red trim and fiber cement cladding design, to craft an authentic feel that captures the imagination.

14. Industrial-Chic Style


Two subtly different gray tones contribute a sophisticated grandeur to this building, while variegated lines add dynamic detail reminiscent of a gingham pattern – only monochromatic to create an industrial-style cladding design with a feeling of luxury.

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