Choosing the Best Cladding Panels for Your Building

Cladding panels can make a big difference in the appearance and performance of a building. When investing in the construction or renovation of a structure, it’s absolutely vital to select the best commercial cladding panels available to meet the unique needs of the building.

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After all, poorly selected cladding that’s not suited for quality performance can require intensive repair and full-blown replacement when damage occurs, and regular repair and replacement can cause a big strain on maintenance costs — not to mention making a bad impression on tenants, clients, and other individuals who see the building in disrepair.

Don’t get caught paying for a poor decision! Select the best cladding panels at the start and relax, knowing that you’re setting your property up for success right from the beginning!


What is Cladding?

Cladding is an additional material that is affixed to the structure of a building to serve as the external surface of that structure. While it does not actually perform a structural role, it does directly affect building safety, energy performance, and aesthetic appearance. It may not sound all that fancy, but cladding actually plays a big role in curb appeal and routine maintenance costs, which is why selecting the right commercial cladding panels is so important.

Cladding Provides Protection

It is not an active structural component, but cladding does provide important protection for the building’s structural integrity. Since it is the most external layer, cladding serves as the first line of defense against the elements, like rain, wind, hail, and snow. Cladding also provides a certain level of insulation, which can affect energy bills.

In addition, some cladding panels are designed to stop the spread of fire in the event that part of the building goes up in flames. For all of these reasons, commercial cladding panels shouldn’t be written off as a simple style feature to make the building look attractive — though the stylish look is another huge benefit of cladding.

Cladding provides protection

Cladding Creates Great Exterior Looks

Curb appeal is often the biggest factor that influences the first impression of a building, which means that looks really do matter. Commercial cladding panels can create a variety of styles, depending on the purpose of the property or a business branding that needs to remain consistent for different locations, for example.

Modern, edgy, and colorful cladding panels can bring a certain startup vibe to a building while traditional, monochromatic panels with clean architectural design can communicate another aesthetic more in line with tradition and stability. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from when selecting cladding panels for your property.

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How to Choose Cladding for Your Building

There are several things to consider when selecting cladding panels for your building. First of all, how much strength and durability are you interested in securing for the protection of your structure? Some traditional cladding materials, like wood, aluminum, and vinyl, only offer minimal protection against the elements, whereas other materials, like fiber cement, can truly stand up to a significant amount of environmental challenges, like strong winds. If you’re comfortable with a consistent amount of upkeep, a simple cladding option will probably work, but if you want long-lasting protection, then it’s best to invest in a more durable material.

You’ll need to consider the aesthetic needs of your property. The benefit of using commercial cladding panels is that it’s easy to create consistency in aesthetic for multiple properties. Creating a recognizable look can be particularly beneficial for franchises and other commercial businesses looking to stand out from the crowd. Plus, with a wide variety of colors and styles, you can achieve just about any look. Surrounding architecture can also help influence your decision when selecting from different cladding panels and designs.

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Fiber Cement Cladding: Simply the Best

When it comes to commercial cladding panels, there’s one material that simply outperforms all others: fiber cement. Because of compared to wood, brick, or glass rainscreen cladding its has enhanced strength and flexibility, the longevity of fiber cement cladding panels far exceeds that of other cladding options. Built to last more than a decade, fiber cement is much better suited for dealing with wind, rain, hail, and prolonged sun exposure than cladding panels made from wood and other materials. Fiber cement is much less flammable, too, which can bring peace of mind to commercial property owners.

Fiber cement cladding panels are available in a wide variety of surface designs, including smooth, grooved, and stucco, as well as an incredible range of colors. This simplifies your choices by providing a one-stop-shop for cladding panels. Simply pick your color, finish, and design layout for the fiber cement cladding panels, and get to work!

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Selecting cladding panels for your building doesn’t have to be a headache. There’s a smart place to start (and end) your search for the best cladding panels for your building: begin with fiber cement from Allura. Contact us today for more information on high quality, commercial cladding.

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