Choosing the Best Cladding Panels for Your Building

Not all homes or buildings are created equally. So, when it comes to the exterior cladding, you need to ensure that the panels you choose are going to meet all of your building’s needs, from aesthetic to durability.

For many modern or commercial buildings, the choices were previously restricted to dull exteriors like concrete, or traditional claddings like wood or brick siding that didn’t work with more contemporary spaces. These options often left buildings looking either incongruous with their interiors and uses or too utilitarian.

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Cladding panels offer new ways to cover your building to give it a fresh new look that is also durable, low maintenance, and environmentally responsible – all things that today’s buildings need to keep in mind. To ensure that you choose the best cladding panels for your building, you need to look at more than just the way it will look; you also need to consider these other factors. That’s where fiber cement architectural panels can be the answer. These versatile, attractive, and durable cladding options help any building reach its full potential.

Cladding Panels for Style

When most people consider cladding for their home or building, they think of traditional looks and materials such as wood siding, brick, or cinder block. But architectural cladding panels are different. These dynamic panels can be used with coordinating or contrasting trim to create a variety of looks for any contemporary structure.

Fiber cement panels, with their unique blend of cellulose fiber, sand, silica, and Portland cement, can be formed in a variety of shapes, as well as surface textures. The panels are available with a smooth texture, as well as a stucco, and panels that have a wood texture, either with grooves to create a vertical line, or plain to allow the texture to show.

Each of the panels is available in a wide range of colors, or primed and ready for the color of your choice of paint. And because fiber cement isn’t affected by moisture, fire, or insect activity, the color will continue to look great year after year without peeling, chipping, flaking, or warping.

Whether you intend to cut or shape the panels to get a unique contemporary appearance, blend different textures for a more transitional look, or use a rich, bold color to make the design stand out, fiber cement cladding panels can help you achieve your exterior style goals.

Maintenance and Durability

The low maintenance care and high durability of fiber cement architectural cladding panels goes further than simply keeping the style looking great. The material is virtually maintenance free for years, requiring none of the scraping and repainting that wood does, nor any of the repointing, pressure washing and other care that cinder block or brick surfaces need.

Fiber cement cladding panels don’t warp, chip, crack, or dent, and they don’t require frequent cleaning or care. They also hold up well to various environments, including areas that see freeze/thaw cycles, hail, snow, rain, and wind.

Commercial buildings have a lot of concerns for maintenance both inside and out. When choosing a cladding for the building, using a low maintenance, highly durable material like fiber cement means that it frees the building maintenance budget and labor up to assist other sections that may need more ongoing help.

Environmentally Friendly Option

More and more companies are having to meet or exceed state and federal guidelines for environmentally friendly building materials in order to get approved for building and to pass inspections. Allura fiber cement is also a National Green Building Standard product, which means that in choosing it, you’re ensuring not only that your building can meet newer city building guidelines, but also that your building is better for the environment in general as well.

Cladding Panels Design Ideas

Fiber cement cladding panels are so versatile, they can be used to cover any style of building or create a variety of different looks. Use one style or combine different styles to create your own unique look.

These five buildings all use architectural fiber cement panels in a variety of styles and colors to achieve these fantastic.

1. Pop of Bold Color

This building uses two types of architectural panels, one of them in a bold orange color to call attention to the front section of the architecture. To get the most benefit from the bold front section the trim adds contrast to the color, while a few different sizes of panels are used to create a more intricate pattern. The result is a fresh, fun look for the building.

2. Wood Grain Accents

This contemporary building needed a little texture to help add some dimension to the bump outs in the architecture. Wood grain cladding panels with a metal trim are the perfect complement, standing out well against the dark gray of the rest of the siding.

3. Smooth Contrast

With so many different ways to clad a building, fiber cement offers not only style and durability, but also the chance to contrast other materials for a very dynamic look. This bold green accent section has a smooth texture that really pops against the corrugated panels on either side.

4. Stucco Texture

For transitional building designs, smooth panels might not be the best look. In that case, using a stucco-texture, along with lap siding accents like this exterior, helps to create a more fluid look. The texture helps create a more traditional appearance, while the trim and panels helps make sure the look is still up to date.

5. Bright Design

architectural cladding panels

When you really want your building to stand out, a bright, bold color can get the job done. With fiber cement architectural panels, the smooth color won’t fade, chip, or peel, so it will continue to attract attention year after year. The contrasting trim used with the panels keeps the color from overwhelming the design and helps add some architectural interest at the same time.

Get the Best Cladding for Your Building

Choosing the best cladding means taking a look at your building’s design and functionality needs. Fiber cement panels offer the most versatility and options, along with the low maintenance durability you need. Get the best cladding available for your building and choose fiber cement architectural panels to get the job done.