5 Hot Home Design Trends for Colorado in 2018

The Colorado building and real estate industries are heating up, with significant growth seen over the past year. Homebuyers know what they want, and with building finally beginning to come out of the recession that has plagued the state for the last several years, more custom home designs are beginning to emerge across the area.

With this new industry growth comes several new trends that are poised to help create the types of homes that more people want to see. Check out these five hot trends for the Colorado area to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

1. Gray Color Base

For the last several years, tans, beige, and other neutrals have dominated the Colorado home color scheme. That’s finally changing in 2018, however, with more homeowners preferring different shades of gray for both interiors and exteriors.

The key here, is that homeowners are using the color as a neutral backdrop for other tones that they can incorporate in smaller measures into the design. Whether it’s a gray, fiber cement siding exterior with a bold red door or a rich, warm gray living room wall with a purple accent, gray is taking over as the new color base.

2. Bold Color Pops

Going hand in hand with the use of gray in both interiors and exteriors comes the addition of very bold accent colors. While previously an accent might have been more subtle, a way to add a little color to a design without overwhelming it, now, the color is the focus of the room.

Very bold colors such as red, purple, and turquoise have begun to show up everywhere in Colorado homes. The key is to use these bold colors in small amounts, so that they really pop and don’t overwhelm the rest of the design.

3. Different Materials than Standard

In addition to embracing bolder color schemes, Colorado homeowners are also beginning to invest in materials that differ from the ordinary as well. Instead of white porcelain bathroom sinks, more homeowners are investing in stone or glass – something to make the bathroom sink area unique.

When it comes to kitchens, hammered copper sinks or soapstone sinks have begun to surge forward. This is coupled with a move away from standard finishes for other appliances, with a definite avoidance of stainless steel. Instead, people are opting for ways to either set the appliances apart, such as appliance panels, or to blend them in with white or black facings.

4. Red Brick Accents

Another material that’s seeing a lot of growth in Colorado is red brick when used as an accent with other materials. For example, red brick fireplace surrounds or accent walls indoors and out are beginning to grow in popularity. Red brick has a classic appearance that works well with many styles and materials, adding warmth and texture to a room. It’s also low maintenance, which means that you can get long lasting style.

5. Low Maintenance

Homeowners are also showing a preference toward lower maintenance materials throughout the home as well. This includes using materials such as fiber cement siding, which can go years without peeling, chipping, or requiring fresh paint. For interiors, prefinished flooring and low-maintenance quartz counters are also beginning to dominate the market.

The key here is that low maintenance design doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style. Homeowners are choosing materials that look great, and function well long-term, so they get more value from the purchase.

Invest in the Future of Colorado Homes

Trends point the way of the future of design. To define a trend, it needs to be something that is consistently popular over the span of several years, rather than a fad which can fade away quickly. With the growth in the Colorado housing market, these trends are poised to match the pace of homeowner needs for the future. Invest in these trends for Colorado homes in 2018 to help continue this industry growth.

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