9 Commercial Building Exterior Design Ideas

While the exterior design of commercial buildings was once thought not to matter to what went on indoors, or was thought to be inconsequential to its use, times and opinions have changed.

Today, many business and building owners want a building design that is eye-catching, dynamic, and at least reminiscent of what goes on there. For that reason, commercial building exterior design is beginning to diversify, with newer buildings each putting their own personal stamp on their design in terms of color, texture, pattern, and style.

Commercial Building Exterior Design Ideas

These nine commercial building exterior design ideas are designed to help you gain some inspiration to push you toward creating a unique building exterior of your own.

1. Dynamic Color and Texture

commercial building exterior design

There is little that is more eye catching than a bold color. Color has a powerful effect on emotions, and the color red is seen as passionate, powerful, and something that will drive people forward. This commercial building makes good use of this color by outfitting the central tower in bold red architectural panels. The smooth panels contrast the corrugated look of the panels on either side, calling even more attention to the color in the center and making this building stand out from any competition.

2. Mixed Materials

The color and style of this building are more subtle, but no less dynamic. In this case, a blend of natural stone along with architectural panels and lap siding gives a lot of depth to the design. The architectural paneling on the corner portion of the building is sized to match the windows, so that they follow the same pattern over the section. The lap siding is the perfect contrast to both the smooth panels and the natural rock on the other side, playing off both the texture and the color of each.

3. The Angle of Design

This semi-rustic building calls to mind several different styles of architecture at once by blending different materials and designs in one façade. The wood-style beams call to mind steel girders, yet have a pleasingly rustic finish to them that blends well with the natural stone on the lower half. The color of the horizontal lap siding plays nicely with both the wood stain and the natural stone to create a design that appears to be harmonious with nature. The angles of the beams and of the window above help bring a lot of dimension to the building as a whole, making it appear to take up more space than it actually does.

4. Smooth, Sleek Design

Giving your building some character and personality doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to dress it up in a lot of decorative elements. This sleek building is powerful and imposing with very clean lines and little in the way of decoration. The architectural panels in two colors break up the lines of the exterior just enough to be interesting, but are still sleek and smooth enough to keep from being the main attraction in the design. The mixture of metal and brick with the panels adds a lot of dimension and interest to the building, creating a modern façade that can complement a number of different businesses and purposes there.

5. Thoroughly Rustic Design

Not every commercial building needs to look contemporary, powerful, or impersonal. Some buildings, in fact, look better when they’re approachable and in tune with their surroundings. This rustic building design does just that, with warm, wood-look lap siding stained in a color to complement the peeled-log pillars outside the door. Green trim and the river rock posts help to complete the natural design that this building calls up, making it the perfect fit into any resort area. This building is infinitely approachable and welcoming, drawing people right into its front doors.

6. Contrasting Lines

This building blends rustic and contemporary designs together beautifully to complete its style. The wood-look, shiplap siding features faux rivets that complement the architectural panels used beside them. The same shiplap is used on the underside of the overhangs, which creates an optical illusion that makes it appear as though the building is bending in space. The contrasting lines, angles, and materials create depth and dimension in the exterior, drawing the eye easily. The resulting building is nearly a work of art with its many planes, lines, and angles, as well as the little details, such as the rivets, adding to the effect and keeping the lines from becoming too severe.

7. Pattern Play

This commercial building creates a very handsome design through the subtle use of shape and pattern. The same color and trim is used throughout the exterior, but the shape of the panels changes depending on the section. This creates a unique pattern over the façade, that grows more interesting the longer that you look at it. Rather than attracting the eye at first glance, this building holds your gaze for longer as you seek out the various shapes and the way that they piece together. The result is a design that proves that you don’t need to be flashy or decorative to have a dynamic appearance or to hold people’s attention.

8. Multi-Level Design

Buildings don’t have to be several stories tall to make the most of their height in design. This two story building uses different shades of architectural panels paired with glass and wood-look siding to create a dynamic display that conveys more height than it actually has. The upper portion widens away from the lower, front portion slightly, giving the front of the building a frame that works well with the glass walls. The glass and architectural panels use similar framing, which helps to give the entire building a cohesive look and design. The end result is a building with a lot of character that fills the space that it’s in well, making the most of its surroundings.

9. Simple, Classic Design

Sometimes, what a building or business needs is just a fresh take on a classic design. This restaurant does just that, blending horizontal lap siding with olive green architectural panels, wood look trim, and lots of glass. The end result is reminiscent of designs that restaurants like it have used for decades, but with a fresh, contemporary twist. The crowning green panels on the upper level help to draw the eye upward, giving the building height, while the glass panels in the front section mimic the placement of the panels with similar trim to give the building a cohesive appearance that cements the design and makes the different sections work together so well.

Create Your Own Unique Commercial Exterior Building Design

The exterior of a building is nearly as important as what goes on inside. The façade is what people see first, and what they begin drawing their first impressions from. Therefore, any commercial building needs to make a good impression upon anyone that simply passes by. These commercial building exterior design ideas are just the beginning of what’s possible to create in the world of building design. Use them as the jumping off point to create a unique building design of your own, and begin seeing what possibilities exist for your business.

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