18 Contemporary Commercial Building Designs

In the business world, it’s important not only that your company and brand stand out from the competition, but often it’s important that your commercial building site stand out as well. With so many contemporary and cutting edge companies making waves these days, it makes sense that you’ll want your modern commercial building design to match your innovative ideas.

Modern Commercial Building Design Ideas

These 18 commercial buildings are designed with sleek, state-of-the-art designs that are sure to get noticed. Use them as the stepping stones to creating your modern commercial building design masterpiece.

1. Bold Branding

modern commercial building design

You likely have things like color, line, or texture associated with your business brand. So, why not bring them right to the forefront of your business design as well? Bold red architectural panels draw and hold the eye easily on this building, making a statement before you even step through the door.

2. Transitional Design

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Contemporary building design doesn’t always mean starting over from scratch; sometimes it means blending elements of older designs with new ones. In this case, architectural panels are matched with a ship-lap wood-look installation. The ship lap is riveted into place to help give the building a more industrial look, with a transitional feel.

3. Attention to Detail

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Traditional lap siding isn’t the only way you can get some texture and natural, wood-look to your building’s exterior. This building mixes smooth architectural panels with a wood grain-look panel, both framed out by the same contemporary trim. The result is a building exterior that’s natural looking, yet contemporary and sleek at the same time.

4. Mixed Messages

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Sometimes your building is adjacent to another, or maybe you just want to set off your entryway with a different look and appearance than the rest of the area. In this case, oversized architectural panels create a smooth, sleek exterior just around the entryway. They easily contrast the traditional lap siding on the adjacent building, highlighting the contemporary nature of the area you’re entering.

5. Repeating Lines

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One way to keep your contemporary building façade from getting dull is to repeat the same lines again and again using a variety of different surfaces, materials, and colors. In this case, architectural panels, lap siding, windows, and the iron balcony railings all repeat the same clean lines. It keeps the building fresh and interesting, without getting boring.

6. Fresh, Fun Colors

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If your business is young, as well as contemporary, why not have some fun with your exterior? Bold colors like this chartreuse are extremely eye-catching, managing to make a statement about the building without actually saying anything at all. Best of all, with new color application processes for fiber cement panels, your bold color will stay true as long as your company does.

7. Contrasting Lines

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In addition to having some fun with your color, you can also have some fun with the way you accentuate your paneling. This red exterior uses a crisp white trim around the panels. This plays up the way that different sized panels are pieced together like Legos to create a fun, contemporary exterior that playfully contrasts the surrounding buildings.

8. Shifting Perspective

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A lot of people think that a building’s exterior stops at the siding, but many buildings include other components such as bump-outs, balconies, and eaves. This design shows how easy it is to add a little extra detail and interest to those areas by trimming them out in a contrasting color and style of siding. The wood-look lap siding on the eaves perfectly contrasts the architectural panels elsewhere.

9. Different Uses, Different Looks

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Today’s commercial buildings may hold several different businesses and companies. So why should they all have the same exterior design? This building makes great use of three different styles including different shapes and sizes of architectural paneling and lap siding, as well as three different colors to accentuate the different areas in use.

10. Pops of Color

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Who says that a building’s façade needs to be flat? This modern commercial building design utilizes bump-outs from the rest of the exterior to add dimension. Brightening them up in a different, contrasting color helps make them stand out even more.

11. Mixed Materials

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Many contemporary buildings look their best when they have a lot of interest, detail, and depth to their design. In this case, the mix of masonry, architectural panels, trim, and metal and wood pergola creates a design that draws you in closer with dynamic detail.

12. Smooth, Bold Siding

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Sometimes less is more when you’re making a bold statement. This building uses a smooth panel for its exterior, creating a minimalist effect. To keep it from fading away into the background, a bold red color helps to attract attention and brighten up the façade.

13. Riveting Design

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Industrial designs are extremely popular for contemporary building design. So why not include a few touches on your exterior to help complete the look? This building uses faux rivets on the architectural panels to help give the building a more industrial appearance. To keep it from getting too stark, ship lap siding in a wood-look is used as an accent.

14. Smoothing It Out

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Brick and stone are popular materials for commercial buildings, but all that texture can detract from the contemporary appearance you’re going after. By inserting smooth architectural panels between the sections of stone and brick, it brings much needed contrast to the design, giving it that modern appeal you’re after.

15. Fitting In

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Sometimes, your business has a well-known style, yet you’re in an area that needs a different look. In that case, incorporating your branding into a more contemporary design can help bridge the gap between the two areas. In this case, McDonald’s does away with its more traditional restaurant décor for something a little more up to date.

16. Subtle Design

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Architectural paneling can give your commercial building exterior a very sleek and contemporary look. But if you’re after a more minimal design, contrasting trim can appear to be a drawback. That’s why color matched trim like that on these wood-look panels can create the sleek, yet subtle design you’re after.

17. Multi-faceted Appearance

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Some larger buildings need special care when it comes to trimming them out. In this case, the same wood-look trim is used throughout the building to give it a cohesive look, while a blend of glass, architectural panels, and lap siding help to give it interest and dimension from all angles.

18. A New Angle

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Emphasize your building’s height with angled panels. This row of angled paneling draws the eye upward like an arrow, creating a subtle, yet sleek and contemporary look for this building. The same panels are used in a variety of other shapes on either side to help give it a cohesive look.

There are several ways you can create a modern commercial building design. Let your branding and business be your guide to help your building make its way to new heights.

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