Creating a Rustic Look With Fiber Cement

Fiber cement has been developing a reputation as the go-to solution for both contemporary and traditional siding options for most homes and buildings. What many people may not realize, however, is that this product also makes an excellent covering for rustic-style buildings as well. Whether you’re hoping to achieve the look of a cabin, a ski lodge, a rustic-modern bungalow, or a Country-style home with rustic overtones, fiber cement siding makes the perfect complement. Best of all, you can get those classic rustic looks without any of the upkeep and maintenance that traditional wood products will require you to use.

Rustic Style Homes Examples

These five examples of rustic-style homes and buildings show you just a few of the different ways you can use fiber cement siding to get the look you want, no matter how rural your surroundings or how bucolic the style you’re trying to achieve.

1. Rustic Mountain Lodge

rustic style lodge

When you’re home has particularly impressive surroundings, you need to make sure that your exterior not only matches them, but blends in with and complements them at the same time. In this rustic mountain lodge, fiber cement siding in a natural cedar look creates a striking look that pairs beautifully with the area around it. Used in two sizes of plank, the fiber cement recreates the look of cedar horizontal lap siding with real wood texture to easily match the beams, posts, and details on the building’s exterior. The rustic look of the siding also blends in perfectly with the fieldstone on the steps leading up to the building, as well as the shakes on the roof.

2. Log Cabin Alternative

If you live in a rural area, you’re probably familiar with the look of a log cabin. Those types of homes are beautiful, but they need a lot of expensive upkeep to maintain their condition year after year. With fiber cement siding, you can get a look that is reminiscent of a traditional log cabin, but that’s much easier and more cost effective to maintain. In this case, cedar-look fiber cement siding and trim are paired with some log details on the front of the building to help achieve the rustic look. The horizontal lap siding has a natural wood texture to it, so even used so close to wood logs, it passes the authenticity test. Yet, because fiber cement siding doesn’t require sealing, staining, or treatments against moisture or termites, this building will keep its good looks for many years with little to no maintenance at all.

3. Rustic Chateau

rustic style home

Sometimes the building’s character is in its details, and even though you’re trying to achieve a rustic look, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also get an elegant and inspiring façade for your home as well. In this rustic chateau-style home, fiber cement siding is used in several different ways to get the rich details and interest necessary. The cedar-look siding is used in both horizontal lap form, as well as in irregular rustic shingles. The offset and irregular appearance of the shingles helps contribute to the rustic look of the building, while the color-matched trim around the windows and doors helps pull everything together, giving the building a cohesive look, and allowing its custom trim to shine through.

4. Rustic Modern Good Looks

One of the hottest trends in the design industry right now is the rustic modern look. This blend of industrial and post-modern architecture with rustic overtones helps soften the harsh lines of a contemporary home, making it feel more livable and comfortable. Fiber cement siding, with its many different options for style, size, and color, makes the perfect covering for any type of rustic modern building or home. In this case, the natural cedar stain is complemented by a deep, black paint on the slightly larger planks to help bring some contrast and interest to the building and design. The color matched trim ties the two sections together, creating one cohesive look.

5. Old Country Charm

Rustic homes don’t have to have a natural wood coloring to maintain their charm or to be effective. Sometimes it’s the look and shape of the siding, and not its color that helps create the look. In this Country-style home, gray irregular cedar-look shapes cover the entire building, pairing beautifully with the natural fieldstone foundation and chimney. The irregular shakes help add a lot of texture and interest to this home, blending in with the landscaping and making it feel as though it’s part of the surroundings.

Get the Rustic Look You Want

Rustic look homes are easy to create using fiber cement siding. This incredibly versatile product can be used in many different ways to get the look, feel, and style you want for your home whether contemporary or country. Get the rustic style and appearance you want for your home or building with fiber cement siding, and know that it will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

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