Cypress Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

The color of your home plays an important part of that first impression known as curb appeal – the reaction that people have upon viewing your home for the first time, often from the curb. This may be why choosing a new color for your siding can be such a big decision for many homeowners.

When you’re looking for a versatile color that will work well in numerous settings and on many different architectural styles, consider Cypress from Allura.

A Hint of Color

With so many choices available from stains to neutrals to bright and bold colors, it can be an overwhelming task, deciding on the color you want for your home. That’s why many people end up opting for colors that are light enough to be nearly neutral, while still containing some personality and appeal all their own.

Cypress is one of those colors. A light to mid-toned green, it has a warm, neutral undertone that gives it a more universal appeal than many other colors. There are several shades of green that are often associated with neutrals, because green is a color so often found in nature, which blends with and complements so many other tones. Cypress’s mid-range depth and light green, warm coloring makes it appealing on many levels. In bright sunlight, the color appears more gold than green, while in shade it takes on a lighter, greener hue. In this way, the color can appeal to a wider audience than some other neutrals or deeper greens.

Multi-Faceted Color

Green is one of the few colors which pairs well with nearly everything, and Cypress is no different. The color has a warm, yellow undertone, which means that you can create a subtle and quiet effect by mixing Cypress with analogous color such as blue and particularly all shades of yellow.

For a more dramatic effect, Cypress pairs very well with many shades of red also, including those shades which balance its warmer tone with cool undertones, such as colors in the burgundy family. In this way, you can create a façade for your home using Cypress that will allow it to call out architectural features, complement its setting, or simply create a striking look all its own.

Cypress can be used as the main color on a home, either alone or paired with a crisp, white trim. It can also be used with two or more other colors to create a deeper, more faceted appearance. The color is deep enough to be used on Victorian-style homes, but still light enough to work on cottages as well as some more contemporary styles of home.

Natural Appeal

Like the name implies, Cypress is a color that is derived from nature. It therefore works particularly well on homes that are located in a rustic or rural area, as well as on homes where an association with the outdoors is beneficial. This includes not only resort-style homes, but homes located in wide open spaces or settings where the home needs to complement nature in order to avoid standing out in a negative light.

Regional Color

Like all natural tones, Cypress works particularly well in the north, as well as in the northwest. The color is also light enough and bordering on neutral enough to also work well in the New England area as well. If paired with a darker color, such as a burgundy, Cypress could also do well in some areas of the south where darker colors and homes with more dimension are often desired.

The color works well on homes that are situated in either sunlight or shade, taking on different hues depending on the shadows it receives. Therefore, you may want to think carefully about the complementary colors or accent colors you use with Cypress, depending on how much sun the house will get. For example, a home located in the mid-west that sees a lot of sun will work well with Cypress, because the sun will bring out the warmer undertones. A home located in the northwest that sees more shade would also work well with Cypress, simply because the color would become deeper and more subdued in this setting. Paying attention to the amount of light the siding would receive can help determine if Cypress will work in your region.

Consider Cypress Siding

Like all siding from Allura, Cypress doesn’t peel, fade, or chip over time, outlasting paint on wooden siding by several years. This enables you to enjoy the color and beauty of your new siding for many maintenance free years. With Cypress’s versatility in tone and application, and the durability of Allura’s fiber cement siding, you can rest assured that your home will remain as beautiful as the day it was sided for many years to come. Consider Cypress from Allura to capture the color and depth for your home.

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