26 Dark Siding Color Combination Ideas for a Stylish Home

There are many ways to enhance your home’s appearance and boost its curb appeal, but one of the most effective ways to add value and style is to change the color. While some homes look best with light-colored siding, others look better with dark siding, so that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

26 Dark Siding Color Combination Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Dark siding colors come in a full range of hues, and many can be combined with other shades to create striking combinations. If you’ve wondered just how good a dark siding color combination can look, check out these twenty-six design ideas:

1. Black and Redwood

To many people, the idea of black siding might seem a little too dark, but paired with a bright redwood, black siding can lend a contemporary look to many homes. The black siding has a lot of richness and depth to it that sets off the redwood and calls attention to the different lines of the architecture. The result is sleek, modern, and bold.

2. Black with Natural Wood

If you’re looking for something even more contemporary, consider black or dark gray siding on architectural panels. They create smooth surfaces with fewer shadows for a sleeker appearance. This home utilizes natural wood shiplap siding, so the smooth surface remains, but the color variation adds some interest.

3. gray, Red, and White

Houses with dark gray siding have been one of the hottest trends in home design for the last several years, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

gray is a great color to use on a house facade because it pairs so beautifully with other shades. This home features a crisp white trim that stands out well against the gray, with a dark red accent color for the doors and shutters to help inject a little color into the monochromatic design.

4. All Black with Subtle White Trim

All-black siding can make a very bold and dramatic statement on any home. Small homes like this one tend to look their best when a single color is used over the entirety rather than breaking it up with different shades. The subtle white trim provides a contrast that stands out crisply against the dark siding.

5. Shades of Blue and White

This home has a classic color combination: denim blue siding paired with off-white trim. The softer white looks good against the faded blue of the siding; a brighter white would have looked out of place against the more muted blue. To complete the look and bridge the two colors, a light blue door is used.

6. Dark Blue with Red Trim

Blue siding works well with a wide variety of different trim colors. This dark blue home punches things up with a bold red trim, taupe-colored shutters, and some white balustrades on the porch. The effect is very dramatic and makes the siding stand out, while the red trim highlights the roofline.

7. Dark Red with White Trim

This farmhouse features a classic color combination of dark red siding and crisp white trim. The siding is done in both horizontal lap and vertical board-and-batten to help break up the different sections and call attention to them. The bright white trim highlights the window and porch and helps them stand out from the rest of the facade.

8. Two-Tone Green with White

When using dark-colored siding, sometimes it helps to break it up a little with a lighter shade in some areas. This dark green home features a lighter-green accent color on the upstairs siding, the shutters, and the garage door. Tying it all together is a soft white trim that complements both green shades.

9. gray with Stone Veneer

Mixing textures and materials over the facade of the home is a great way to add some detail and attract a little extra attention. This home picks up the mid and dark gray tones from the stone veneer to feature on the lap siding and shingles. This creates a gorgeous and clean design that’s also interesting to look at.

10. Dark Green with Copper and White Trim

This home has a very bold yet classic color combination. It features deep, forest green siding paired with crisp white trim for contrast, but the colors don’t stop there. You can also find some copper standing seam roofing that picks up the color in the brick skirt. Black shutters and doors help bring the color scheme together and emphasize the entryways.

11. Blue, gray, and White

Dark siding color combinations can also be subtle and dramatic. This home uses a mixture of blue and gray over the facade, mixing both colors on the same irregular cedar-look shingle. The gray is also extended around the foundation of the home, while a bright white trim and set of doors help to tie everything together.

12. Black, White, and Wood

Using dark siding doesn’t mean covering the entire facade with it. The majority of this property is done in white, with black and natural dark wood accents. The dark areas work well with the windows and pop against the white facade in a way that looks fresh and interesting, as opposed to using white trim on a darker facade.

13. Blue and White

This home has a classic design with a fresh take on the color combination. The dark gray siding is paired with a crisp white trim, while a dark red/brown door stands out as the focus. The trim helps ensure that all of the different architectural features stand out from the darker parts of the design so they aren’t overlooked in the color scheme.

14. Dark Wood Tones

It’s important not to overlook the power of a dark wood stain when considering dark siding color combinations. This home features subtly different shades of dark wood mixed together over its entirety. The decorative trim, door, and banister are slightly darker than the lap siding or shingles to create dimension without contrast.

15. Dark gray Siding with White Trim

If you’re looking for houses with dark gray siding, look no further. This gorgeous home shows what’s possible when you pair a striking dark color like dark gray with a contrasting color like white trim and window frames. All this perfectly complements the brick facades on the home’s columns and the beautiful landscaping.

16. Contrasting with Dark gray

As we mentioned in the above design, it’s important to pair dark gray siding with contrasting colors if you want to create an interesting and eye-catching dynamic. This home design takes that piece of advice to the next level by incorporating white in the trim, soffits, fencing, and window frames.

17. Burgundy and Dark gray

While contrasting colors are usually the best way to go when it comes to designing a home’s exterior, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a design that features two dark colors. We especially love the use of dark gray trim and feel that it pairs perfectly with the burgundy siding.

18. Earth Tones

Are you looking for a design inspired by a love of nature? Well, look no further! This home is the perfect example of what you can do when designing your home’s exterior with a dark, earthy green. Pairing it with the warm wood grain and light green trim and columns really takes this design to the next level.

19. Navy and Black

Here’s another prime example of what you can accomplish with two dark colors. The navy siding is incredibly eye-catching, and really draws the eye where you want it. The black trim is the ideal highlight color because it hides imperfections and creates a dark, clean outline that adds more vibrancy to the navy blue siding.

20. Chocolate Brown and White

You don’t often see browns used in home design when they aren’t wood grain, and that’s a shame. After seeing this gorgeous home design, there’s absolutely no reason why this color combination shouldn’t be used more often. We especially love the chocolate brown paired with white trim and complementary brown roofing.

21. Multiple Shades of Dark gray

Are you searching for houses with dark gray siding? Well, we’ve done one better. This home not only has dark gray siding, it also has dark gray trim. The subtle color combination creates an aesthetic that is clean, contemporary, and eye-catching, which is perfect for any modern home.

22. Blueish-gray Siding with Black Trim

Here’s another example of a beautifully colored home highlighted by black trim. The blueish-gray siding creates an eye-catching statement that blends perfectly with the white brick facades, and it is outlined by the black trim to create a clean and contemporary design that would wow any potential homebuyer or guest.

23. Dark Blue and White

This house shows once again the power of pairing dark colors with light trims to create beautiful levels of contrast and lots of depth. The dark royal blue sets the perfect mood that creates a home that appears luxurious without ever seeing the inside and white trim and accents make the perfect frame.

24. Red, White, and Blue

If you’re looking for a patriotic home design, look no further. This home pairs the three colors of the U.S. together in a subtle and surprising way. The grayish-blue siding is outlined beautifully by the white trim that draws your focus to the entryway, which is covered in red brickwork.

25. Dark gray, White, and Some Late Night Rain

Are you curious about what a home with dark gray siding with white trim looks like at night? How about after a gentle rain? Well, this is the home for you. It shows just how beautiful and striking a home can be with dark gray siding and white trim. Plus, we absolutely love the addition of the warm outdoor lights.

26. Multiple Shades of Brown and gray

This home design pairs dark brown siding with light brown trim, and the result is absolutely breathtaking. We also love that the roof is in multiple shades of gray, which pairs perfectly with the light gray bricks along the columns. Together, the gray and brown colors work surprisingly well together.

Create Your Perfect Dark Siding Design

Dark-colored siding can give your facade a lot of interest and depth. It can look natural, traditional, or contemporary. Plus, it works on nearly all architectural types. If you’ve been considering a rich, dark siding for your home, use the ideas listed above as a starting point to create your ideal design.

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