Emerald Green Siding: Allura Cement Color Review

Appearance can be everything when it comes to the home, particularly when you’re talking about the exterior façade. While function and maintenance are important factors to consider in any property, most people put a lot of stock into how a home looks before viewing other factors. This is part of what makes curb appeal – that first impression that people make when viewing a home for the first time so important.

Color also plays an important role in how a property is viewed, and when you want a color that will have a big impact no matter where your home is located, it’s hard to go wrong with Emerald green. Deep, dark, and versatile, Emerald green siding from Allura is the perfect color to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Widely Popular Color

Colors often go in and out of fashion depending on trends and public mood. There are a few colors, however, that are nearly universally loved regardless of time or place. One of these is a deep green, similar to Allura’s Emerald.

Deep greens often bring to mind images and associations of nature, including trees, grass, and plant life. This in turn, tends to make people feel nostalgic and happy when viewing them, even when the color is being used on a home, rather than simply being viewed in a natural setting.

Dark greens in particular are often viewed as a darker “neutral”, and are the perfect shade for those that like deeper colors, but don’t want to commit to browns or grays. The color is dark enough to be fully saturated and to let accent colors take center stage, but still has enough personality to prevent it from becoming somber in tone.

Makes Accents Pop

Bold accent colors are among the hottest trends for exteriors, particularly on trim, shutters, and front doors. The way to really make an accent pop, however, is to give it enough contrast with the siding on the rest of the home. Siding that’s very bland, light, or neutral in tone may not offer enough contrast to really bring out those bold accent colors that are getting so much attention.

Emerald green, with its dark color and rich, cool undertones works beautifully with many different accent colors both light and dark. White trim alone would pop against the dark green siding, becoming extremely crisp and bright. Or, a brick red front door would make an excellent contrast to the siding as well, particularly if paired with black shutters and white trim to give the home a complete palette.

For those that want something a little more daring, Emerald could also work well with several shades of blue, including turquoise and some shades of cool, sky blue. Using a blue door against the darker green siding would produce a slightly more subtle, but no less beautiful, result.

Ideal for Many Settings

When choosing the color for a home, it’s important to take a look at the surroundings the home is situated in. Color can help a home blend in well with its surroundings, or to stand out depending on your wishes.

Emerald green siding works well in many situations and surroundings. Not only would it work well in natural settings, such as the woods, lake homes, and resorts, it would also work well in semi-rural bedroom communities where an emphasis is placed on a more relaxed lifestyle than the city has to offer. The color is reminiscent of the deep woods late in the afternoon when the sun has gone lower in the sky, which in turn can create restful feelings in those who view it. For this reason, the color will work best in rural to semi-rural areas, but may work well in some suburbs if paired with the right accent colors, such as white, brick red, or black.

Regional Popularity

Emerald green is a very dark siding, which means that it will work well in the southern states where darker-colored homes are preferred. The color, however, will also mean that it fits in well in the mid-west, as well as in the northwest and in some of the upper areas of New England.

The key to helping this color fit in with more regions is in the accents. White trim will help it fit in best in the north, while black shutters will pair best in the south. For the mid-west, consider more natural accents to pair with the color, such as fieldstones or natural wood stains.

Consider Emerald Green Siding

Like all colors from Allura, Emerald green siding is designed to last without fading, peeling, or chipping, so you can enjoy the color of your home longer with less maintenance. Whether you’re looking for a natural color or a deep one, Emerald green from Allura can provide you with the color and appearance you’re looking for.

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