Why Enclosed Soffits Are the Key to Protecting Your Home From the Elements

Enclosed soffits are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to crafting a gorgeous exterior. Beyone looks, enclosed soffits can actually protect the home from damage as well. While siding and roofing tend to get more attention when it comes to renovations, you should never overlook the finishing details, like soffit.

From fire prevention to insect deterrence, enclosed soffit can reduce damage and maintenance needs in a variety of areas – to save homeowners time, money, and energy in the long run.

What Are Enclosed Soffits?

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Most homes – traditional and modern – have a slight overhanging roof that extends out past the walls. Whether it’s a level, flat roof, or a sloped roof, this overhang is an important part of the design and functionality of the structure. The underside needs some attention, too. The underside of the overhang – referred to as the eave – should not be left exposed to the elements, as it can lead to many different issues and cosmetic concerns.

The solution? Enclosed soffit. Designed to provide a stylish finish to the underside of the eave, enclosed soffit also performs a protective role by capping off access to the attic, improving ventilation, and helping with the energy efficiency of the home. Available in smooth or vented designs, enclosed soffit panels deliver that ‘put-together’ look that enhances the curb appeal of the home while also protecting it from the elements.

Enclosed Soffits Provide Better Fire Safety

With wildfires becoming increasingly more common and destructive, interest in the general fire safety of various home designs and materials has skyrocketed. Enclosed soffits help defend against the spread of a fire and the severity of its destruction. When a home doesn’t have enclosed soffit covering the eaves, hot embers can easily waft up along the exterior walls and float into the attic. Ask any firehouse team – stopping a fire from reaching the attic space can be essential to saving the structure.

By covering the eaves, enclosed soffit panels provide an extra layer to help block embers from reaching the attic and causing the fire to spread rapidly. It’s such a minor addition – but it can have major consequences in the event of a house fire.

Defend Against Insects and Critters

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Another way that enclosed soffit can help protect the home is by making it harder for pests to climb into the rafters and create nests. Whether it’s a hornet nest, bird nest, or feisty squirrels, critters find it much easier to move in when there are exposed eaves that aren’t protected by enclosed soffits. Not only do enclosed soffits offer an extra layer of protection that deters these critters from moving in, the material composition of fiber cement soffit serves as a better defense than weaker materials, like soffit made from wood.

Protect Your Wind Warranty with Enclosed Soffits

When homeowners think about wind damage, they’re usually concerned about shingles flying off the roof. In order to get the full wind warranty offered by roofing companies and manufacturers, it’s imperative that roofing shingles be installed correctly. That’s where enclosed soffit comes into play.

Some shingle manufacturers require a certain amount of penetration (at least 3/16 inches) in order to deliver on wind warranties. This means that the roofing nails or fasteners need to be able to penetrate the sheathing adequately. The eaves are considered a very high-wind area, so they need to be protected. Without enclosed soffits, proper roofing installation may not be possible – or may leave the nails jutting out – and the eaves can be left exposed to wind, which can cause significant damage along the roofline.

Enclosed Soffits Stay Beautiful for Longer

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Enclosed soffits help protect a vulnerable part of the home’s exterior, and they are great for protecting the aesthetic beauty of the home and helping the exterior maintain a nice, attractive appearance. While roofing nails can stick out and be unsightly on uncovered eaves, enclosed soffit provides a smooth, attractive finish that covers up those loose ends – while adding to the overall aesthetic of the exterior.

Allura Specializes in Stylish Soffits That Are Long-Lasting

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With both smooth finishes and traditional wood grain options, Allura provides an impressive selection of enclosed soffit crafted from heavy-duty fiber cement. Unlike wood or vinyl, fiber cement soffit has added strength and tends to hold up much better in all environments, which adds to the protective element of enclosed soffit.

The team at Allura understands that aesthetics are important! That’s why they offer a large variety of soffit sizes and colors to explore. Choose from stained panels, solid colors, and primed surfaces to create the perfect design for your home’s exterior.

After all, enclosed soffits aren’t just for durability and weather protection – they’re also an important part of the overall look of your home!

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