Exterior Home Trends for 2018

The exterior of your home is arguably one of the most important parts – driving a large part of its value and how people view it. For that reason, keeping your exterior current with popular trends is a great way to ensure continued value or a quick sale if you’re putting it on the market soon.

While many trends often arch over several years – the definition of a trend being a popular style that lasts at least 10 years – every year a few new ones arise which bear watching. These exterior home trends for 2018 are sure to make homeowners sit up and take notice as they begin renovations in the new year.

Color Trends

While previously most color trends dictated that your home’s color palette needed to both complement its architecture and its landscaping and surroundings. And while those are all fantastic ways to complete your exteriors, trends for 2018 are beginning to dictate that it’s even more important to make a statement with your home’s color palette, as well as complement the exterior.

In most cases, this means creating a mixture of lights and darks over the exterior, rather than using a more subtle palette. For example, using a very crisp white trim against a dark gray siding, with a bold red door as a focal point. Or, using a very dark blue siding with a light gray trim and a vibrant lime green door accent.

The idea is to create a color palette for your exterior that is bold and dynamic, utilizing light and dark shades of similar colors – blue, gray, black, white and other tones – combined with one very bold accent to make the entire design pop.

This can still be done capitalizing on other color trends at the same time; simply choose the main color from your home’s architectural palette or surroundings, and find complementary shades at the other end of the light/dark spectrum to get the look.

Blends of Siding Types

Another trend that’s beginning to show up in forecasts for 2018 is a slight variation on previous trends seen in the past few years. While texture has been a big trend for exteriors, now the emphasis is being placed on blending different textures and styles across one surface.

For example, while previously the trend was merely to include some type of texture such as brick or stone, now the trend is to mix as many complementary styles as possible into one façade to create that texture.

One method of doing so involves using siding of different widths blended together for a rustic appearance. Another method involves using different styles of the same siding, such as a blend of ship lap and cedar shingles both using the same color, so that the texture is the emphasis of the design.

Using brick or stone is still considered on trend, but it should no longer be the focus of the design; instead the brick or stone should blend in with the rest of the home’s exterior to create a dynamic look that uses texture, but isn’t defined by it.

Continuing Trends

One thing is sure for 2018 is the continuation of certain themes that have already been seen in 2017, such as durability, eco-friendliness, and low maintenance facades. This makes fiber cement siding a great choice for home exteriors going forward.

Not only does it come in many of the colors and styles that are on point for 2018, it also meets homeowners’ needs for durability, sustainability, and maintenance. It also comes in a very wide range of styles – many of which are currently on trend, such as architectural panels, several widths of plank siding, and irregular cedar-look shingles.

This means that homeowners choosing to use fiber cement siding on their homes can easily embrace several of today’s trends at the same time. So, no matter where your particular style is taking you, you don’t have to sacrifice style, durability, or low-maintenance care to get there.

Be on Trend in 2018

Exterior home trends for 2018 may be a slightly subtle shift away from those that have been showcased in previous years, but the movement toward more dynamic and easy to maintain facades cannot be ignored. Whether you’re looking for a minor update or a complete overhaul of your home’s exterior, consider looking at some of these exterior home trends in 2018 to help complete the look, and transform your home’s façade into the showplace that you’ve always wanted it to be. Dynamic lights and darks, mixtures of siding and textures, and a move toward durable, low maintenance fiber cement will help create the home exterior you’re looking for.

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