7 Exterior House Trends for 2022

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It’s no surprise that homeowners are ready to tackle all the latest exterior house design trends that are forecasted for 2022. After all, a polished, thoughtfully-designed exterior is vital to setting the entire tone of the homestead. Curb appeal is not just important in boosting home value, it’s also essential for creating a setting and lifestyle tailored to the home’s inhabitants.

The best exterior house design trends for 2022 offer a variety of ways to curate the outdoor space so that it achieves unique character and style. These seven ideas offer seven different approaches to exterior house aesthetics, and they share something else in common — they’re all bold design choices that are capable of elevating any home’s exterior ambiance.

Exterior House Trends for 2022

Take a look at these seven exterior house trends for 2022:

1. Dark, Earthy Siding Colors

Siding is an easy way to bring instant impact to a home’s exterior look. In 2022, exterior siding trends are set to prioritize dark, earthy colors that communicate strength, vitality, and stability — all qualities that are ideal for making a house feel more like a safe haven. Maroon, navy blue, burgundy, forest green, and dark brown are among some of the most beautiful dark siding selections that will be seeing a boost in popularity in 2022.

2. Big Texture

Another big design trend for exterior house layouts in 2022 is integrating visual texture into the home’s facade. Instead of a smooth wash, visual texture in specific areas can help highlight the home’s unique architectural features and bring added interest and character to the exterior. Visual texture can be achieved in many areas, including the window trim, roofing, and fascia, but siding remains the easiest and most popular place for creating additional visual texture.

For a subtle approach to siding, dark colors are best, while light colors can show off textured depth and detail more noticeably. Shiplap, board and batten, and shake shingles are all common ways to boost texture, so homeowners can expect to see a rise in these siding styles in 2022.

3. Black Accent Color

Various shades of black, including ebony, onyx and charcoal, are certainly set to make an appearance in 2022 as a top exterior house design trend, but not always as a main color. Instead, black is forecasted to be a wildly popular accent color in the coming year, so it will be used for door trim, window trim, soffit, porch banisters, and more. Partnered with brown, white, or other colors, using black as an accent can create a wide variety of stylish looks.

4. Variation within a Color Family

Another exterior house design trend in 2022 is to veer away from contrast and approach coordination from a more subtle angle. This means sticking within the same color family when selecting accent colors for trim and roofing. For example, light grey siding with dark grey trim or light brown siding with dark brown trim — this approach of staying within a single color family will create a fresh way to upgrade a home’s exterior in 2022.

5. Serious Outdoor Living Spaces

Long gone are the days when a sole pair of rocking chairs on the porch was enough for creating a sufficient outdoor environment. By far one of the hottest design trends for 2022 is to elevate outdoor living by creating extensive outdoor living spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities.

Seating is still important, including rocking chairs, swings, and outdoor sofas, but other outdoor furniture setups will see a surge, too, such as outdoor kitchens, sinks, grills, and dining spaces. Covered spaces, like pergolas and sheltered lounges, will also be popular this year. Basically, more robust outdoor spaces that can accommodate prolonged time outdoors will be key to exterior house designs in 2022.

6. Glasswork with Height

In addition to bringing indoor activities outside, 2022 design trends also incorporate bringing the outdoor lighting in with elongated windows that provide extensive natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights are set to have a huge presence in 2022 exterior house design trends as homeowners seek to reinforce a connection with the outdoors — even when they’re inside.

7. Materials Made to Last

Finally, prioritizing durable building materials over affordable, short-term products that will require repair or replacement relatively quickly — this has been a steady trend in recent years, and it’s one that is set to continue in 2022. The housing market continues to illustrate that homeowners are looking for quality features in exterior home designs, and are selecting materials that are built to last and perform without fail. Even better than durable materials? Products that are both durable and low-maintenance are key winners for homeowners upgrading their exteriors in 2022.

Design your 2022 Dream Home

As a recap, here are the top seven exterior house design trends for 2022:

  • dark siding colors
  • big visual texture
  • black hues as an accent
  • color combinations that stick within a given color family
  • serious outdoor living spaces
  • glasswork with height for natural light
  • materials that are made to last

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