Unexpected Color Trim Combinations & Design Ideas

Adventurous homeowners and designers looking to make a statement need to look outside traditional color combinations for exterior house trim colors. With such a broad range of home siding colors available, there’s no need to keep the status quo.

Unique and unexpected exterior house trim ideas can set your home apart from the others in your neighborhood while still looking quite stylish and appealing. Check out these unexpected color combinations and trim ideas for your home to inspire an artistic creation.

1. Teal and White

Blue and white is a classic combination for Americana and nautical-look homes. This trim color idea takes a unique turn by using a shade of teal for the exterior home color instead. It freshens up the classic look to appear more modern. This design idea also employs monochromatic accents on the shutters and doors, using just a couple shades darker than the siding color. This is a contemporary way to use accent colors, instead of choosing another contrasting shade.

2. Light Green with White Trim and Red Accents

Calming sage green is a popular home exterior color, but might not be exciting enough for your taste when paired with simple neutrals. This home sets off classic light green and white with red shutters for a high-contrast look that is still aesthetically pleasing.

3. Red and White

This rich red color doesn’t just look great on barns. Using crisp white trim makes the color right at home on a green landscape.

4. Gray and Black with Gray Accents

Gray is a very trendy home exterior color right now, but have you seen gray layered in a monochromatic look? Using a black trim color with this gray siding and gray accents on the shutters can bring a dated home into a very chic, contemporary look.

5. Blue and White with Brick

This design idea takes another spin on the classic blue and white home exterior siding and trim color combination. To make the home traditional with an unexpected twist, faded red brick has been added all around the entrance. The combination keeps the home complementary with a traditional neighborhood, but sets it apart from the rest.

6. Peach and White with Brown Accents

If you’ve always wanted to try a brighter home exterior color but don’t want your home to appear too loud, consider this trim color combination. This sunny peach exterior might be too bright for some, but the color is calmed with white trim and muted brown shutters.

7. Light Blue with Cream and a Front Door that Pops

This color combination, though contrasting, is very tranquil. Choose a muted blue with a slightly off-white trim color to mimic this lovely home. Further texture is added in this design with a stone skirt around the bottom of the home. Finally, the yellowish tone of the wood front door pops against the light blue siding color.

8. Gray and Red

Choosing a contrasting red to pair with this typical neutral color palette makes this home exterior unique while still remaining traditional in appearance. Continuing the gray on the shingles on the upper portion of the home exterior adds depth and texture without appearing too busy.

9. Light Beige with Brown and Blue Accents

If you’re looking for a way to enhance a neutral home with an unexpected trim color, this design idea is the perfect inspiration. Darker trim in another neutral, like brown, gives this home dimension while the blue shutters and door provide an appealing twist.

Choose Unexpected Trim Color Combinations

Unique home exterior trim color ideas make any home look more contemporary and design-minded. To add curb appeal to a future or existing home, consider these unexpected color trim combinations and design ideas.

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