Fiber Cement Home Exterior Remodel: Before and After

When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, it helps to think of it as an opportunity to give your home a completely fresh new look. Siding is integral not only to how well your home exterior performs and functions, but also how it appears.

Durable maintenance fiber cement siding gives you the opportunity to give your home a complete and total makeover. With fiber cement, you have many options for the appearance of your property, and every style comes with the same durability and ease of maintenance that makes fiber cement so attractive in the first place.

If you’ve been wondering just how dramatic a change switching to fiber cement siding can be, take a look at these before-and-after exterior home remodel projects.

Creating a Significant Style Change

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Before being given a significant exterior overhaul, this home had a very distinctive look that was in keeping with both the architecture and the area it was in. The home was primarily covered in stucco – a material that has significant long-term drawbacks, as it tends to crack, peel, and require frequent repainting and patching to keep it structurally intact and looking its best.

And while stucco was in keeping with the architecture, the overall style of the home was fluid enough that given a new type of siding, it could result in a significant change in appearance. That’s what cladding it in fiber cement siding did.

The dark blue, horizontal lap siding with crisp white trim makes the entire property look new. While no significant architectural changes were made, beyond replacing the siding, the property takes on a new appearance and a style that’s a lot more modern and fresh in appearance.

Fiber cement is also much more durable than stucco. Stucco can develop problems over time with moisture, softening and crumbling, then requiring patching and repainting. This type of constant repair and patching often means that the entire exterior needs to be repainted as well, as the patches will otherwise stand out.

Fiber cement resists many of the issues that plague stucco. It’s crack, moisture, fire, and insect resistant, so it’s unlikely to rot or develop holes and significant problems like stucco. The color also adheres well to fiber cement, so it doesn’t require frequent touch- ups or repainting. It holds up well in a variety of climates, and resists things like heat and freeze/thaw conditions, so you’ll worry less about the maintenance and you will be able to concentrate more on your home’s new style.

Mixing Materials

This property used fiber cement siding along with cedar shingles to get a completely different look and style. Fiber cement can take on the appearance of real wood, with a texture and finish that can pair well with real cedar shingles as an accent without detracting from the overall look and style of the home.

This update used fiber cement siding in a horizontal lap installation over the majority of the exterior. The cedar shingles make up an accent beneath the gable that helps add some interest to the home. The two materials work well together both in texture and color to bring some added detail to the façade.

Because this home is significantly smaller and less detailed than the previous property, too many details would end up simply overwhelming the exterior. Therefore, keeping it simple and using the cedar as an accent produces a much more effective result.

Combined with a metal roof, this home is now significantly lower maintenance than it was before as well. The fiber cement requires little care, and while the cedar does require more maintenance, it’s placement just below the gables will help to keep the majority of the moisture and wicking associated with its installation at the ground line from being an issue.

The result is a home perfectly suited to its environment in every way. It blends in well with its surroundings aesthetically, and the low maintenance façade will help ensure that no matter what type of weather the property is exposed to, it will continue to look great and perform well for many years to come.

Outstanding Detail

Before & After

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This home is a perfect example of what fiber cement products are capable of. Prior to being re-sided, the house had a plain, ordinary appearance that did nothing to make it stand out or get noticed. The windows appear nearly too small to fill the space, and the peak at the front beneath the roof gable does nothing to help the home’s appearance along.

Once the home has been re-sided with fiber cement and PVC trim, however, it takes on a whole new look. The gray color has been kept, along with the traditional look of horizontal lap siding. Because fiber cement resists peeling, or fading, however, this means that the rich gray color will last, with little maintenance for many years to come.

The trim around the windows helps make them appear larger than they are, taking up more room on the house’s façade and adding a lot of detail and interest to the building as a whole. On the gable, additional decorative trim helps to make this a focal point on the home, drawing the eye and making the area pop. Altogether, the home now has much more curb appeal than it did before, while at the same time it’s much more durable and much less likely to require maintenance long term.

Contemporary Appeal

Before & After

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This modern home also got a complete facelift using fiber cement siding. Previously, the faded color of the lap siding made the home look dull and monochromatic. The siding did nothing to help bring out the details of the home; instead it blended into its surroundings.

After being re-sided with fiber cement with a Maple stain, the color of the home really shines, calling attention to it and making it stand out. And while natural stone was used to help accentuate the decorative areas of the home, the fiber cement blends right in, contrasting the color perfectly, but not appearing fake or out of place on this home in the woods. Instead, the entire property looks fresh, new, and more contemporary than it did before. Best of all, the color will resist fading and peeling as time passes, so it will keep that fresh, bright appearance for several years as well.

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