9 Exterior Wall Paneling Design Ideas

A wide range of designs can be achieved with exterior wall paneling crafted from fiber cement. As one of the most versatile siding materials on the market today, fiber cement wall paneling provides excellent design flexibility for homeowners and developers alike.

Charming residential facades, sleek urban styles, and everything in between — exterior wall paneling made from fiber cement can be produced in a full spectrum of designs and colors that make any building project achievable. By experimenting with shape and texture, you can find the perfect exterior wall paneling for your next project.

Need a few concrete ideas before you get started? Take a look at these nine attractive exterior wall panels for houses. This list showcases the incredible versatility of fiber cement, but it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crafting unique, custom designs for your home’s exterior.

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1. Dark Red and White

Dark colors, like burgundy and autumn red, can be brought to life with crisp white trim. This clear-cut contrast creates exceptional dimension and direction on the home. Windows, gables, and porches get greater definition when emphasized in white, and the pop of white also helps direct the eye to various architectural features found throughout the home’s exterior.

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2. Modern-Chic Facade

Exterior wall paneling is produced in large sheets, which lends a modern, industrial-chic look that’s perfect for large buildings in urban locations. Apartment complexes, mixed-use developments, and commercial zones with living spaces are natural candidates for this exterior style. Grey, black, and beige wall paneling boosts the versatility even more and looks great with other exterior elements that go with a sophisticated urban look, like stainless steel and glass.

That shouldn’t deter homeowners from using these exterior wall panels for houses in residential areas, too. Fiber cement panels can be made to fit more suburban designs with softer colors that blend in with the surroundings. Two surface textures to choose from — smooth and stucco — allow designers to explore the possibilities of this exterior wall paneling.

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3. Refreshing Color Combo with Red Accents

Exterior wall paneling offers ample opportunity to experiment with color throughout the home’s exterior. Available in a full spectrum of 25 distinct hues, fiber cement wall paneling can create character in homes with even the most basic architecture.

One example is sage green exterior wall paneling combined with a bold red accent color along the awnings, shutters, and entryway. This effect can also be achieved with other subtle siding tones, like beige and grey.

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4. Go Big on Texture

Another popular design trend is to fully commit to a textured exterior by selecting a siding with intricate depth. Whether you pick straight edge, staggered edge, half rounds, or octagons, fiber cement shake is a fantastic choice for this aesthetic style, as it boosts texture and carries a traditional charm.

The advantage of shake wall paneling made from fiber cement is that it has the authentic look of traditional shake, but the installation process is much easier. Since the shake is fabricated in long sections of paneling, there’s no need to install individual pieces one at a time. Exterior wall paneling with a shake design can help homeowners get this intricate look without the hassle of a long, complex installation process.

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5. Earthy Colors with Cream Trim

Earth tones are also quite popular in the residential market and can be used to generate a laid-back look that feels cozy and comfortable. Exterior wall paneling can be found in all shades of brown and beige, which allows homeowners lots of potential to pick the perfect hue and coordinate the exterior wall paneling with the rest of the design details, like trim, roofing, and entryway decor.

White tends to be the go-to color for trim, but earthy colors look better with an off-white trim color. Cream and beige are two solid choices, as their slightly saturated tones express a softer look that plays better with brown.

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6. Variations within the Same Color Family

Another technique for finding the perfect color combination is to stick within a single color family by combining related tones. Different shades of green can go exceptionally well together, creating a refreshing color scape across the exterior. The same philosophy goes for brown, beige, and grey.

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7. Grey with Black Accent Color

If distinct definition is something that catches your eye in architectural layouts, trying a black trim can be a fun way to add emphasis to the home. Black is a daring color that isn’t often used in residential designs. When it’s done correctly, it can be absolutely stunning. Try adding black as an accent color with grey exterior wall paneling. Then, add in a few softer colors along the shutters, garage door, and porch, and you can end up with a modern residential masterpiece.

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8. Play with Texture and Depth

Some homeowners like the idea of adding texture with shake paneling, but they’re not interested in doing a ‘head-to-toe’ approach. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching different exterior wall paneling designs to achieve a more subdued texture.

A helpful tip: add a defining feature, like a line of red or other contrasting color, where the texture change takes place. This helps the exterior design feel organized and intentional.

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9. Modern Farmhouse

Finally, the modern farmhouse design is one that homeowners can’t seem to get enough of, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon. White paneling — either horizontal lap or board and batten — can create a crisp look that is easily emphasized with contrasting trim or front porch decor.

Exploring the options with exterior wall paneling can open up exciting opportunities for homeowners to create a customized design. Contact Allura today for an extensive range of fiber cement siding that can create all of these looks and more!

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