Is Exterior Window Trim Necessary?

There are so many decorative trim pieces on the market that it is difficult to tell when an element is needed or just installed for looks. Fixed shutters, for example, are often used simply for added style and don’t serve a functional purpose. This can lead homeowners to question the purpose of other exterior elements, leading to a common question: Is exterior window trim necessary?

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Unlike decorative pieces, this is an exterior element that you don’t want to skip. Adding exterior window trim to a home provides many benefits, including practicality and aesthetic payoffs. With that said, you’ll want to be sure to pick suitable materials, as more durable trim types can prolong the finished look of the home and offer better value.

Take a look at how exterior window trim is used to improve the home and boost curb appeal and discover the perfect window trim type for your home.

What Is the Purpose of Exterior Window Trim?

You can safely forgo some exterior design elements, but window trim is not one of them. Window trim covers the seam that is left between the edge of the siding and the window frame. Not only does this address safety concerns by covering sharp edges, but it also serves a crucial role in protecting the home from the elements by sealing off access to the interior. No matter how small, gaps on the outside of the home can be infiltrated by moisture, usually in the form of rainfall and snow, which can compromise the home’s structural integrity over time via rotting, deterioration, and mold growth.

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If you’ve ever seen exterior windows without trim, it’s easy to see that something is missing. The dual role of exterior window trim is its stylistic contribution to the home. Windows without exterior trim can appear as bland, unfinished, sterile, and commercial.

Residential buildings typically have thick window trim that helps emphasize the architecture and provide a clean and welcoming appearance for the home. No matter what style you’re going for, exterior window trim offers a practical way to add color coordination and style to beautify the finished look.

Does Exterior Window Trim Impact Home Value?

Any addition to the home that adds aesthetic value and structural enhancement will naturally add value to the property, so it goes without saying that exterior window trim will do the same. Whether homeowners are looking for minor enhancements that will make a significant impact, or they’re ready to do a complete overhaul of the home’s exterior to boost property value, adding exterior window trim is an excellent improvement with wonderful value potential.

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While there’s no precise way to calculate how much value trim can add to a home, evaluating exterior window trim’s materials and stylistic appeal can help you get a better idea of its potential value. For example, classic trim styles are likely to retain their desirability over time. In addition, exterior window trim crafted from more durable materials can often add more value than weaker trim products made from wood or vinyl, which may not hold up as long.

How Much Does Window Trim Cost?

The average cost of residential window trim is around $100 per window. However, prices can vary a lot, depending on the materials selected, custom designs, the window shape and size, and the fluctuating costs of labor.

If price is a determining factor in exterior window trim selection, the best bet is to go with a heavy-duty material that will retain its aesthetic appearance with minimal maintenance. Window trim products, like wood, can require consistent seasonal upkeep, like repainting and caulking, which can bump up overall costs down the line. Selecting a low-maintenance material that is built to last can be a great strategy for reducing maintenance expenses.

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The Best Material for Window Trim

Taking into consideration durability, low-maintenance needs, price, style, and potential value, fiber cement is an easy pick for the best window trim material. The sheer durability of fiber cement already makes it a reliable choice to serve a protective role in the home’s exterior, effectively covering seams and providing a weather-resistant layer that is incredibly long-lasting.

Allura fiber cement window trim is available in a great selection of styles, making it easy for homeowners to get a product they love and can count on. All of Allura’s fiber cement window trim is designed to be maintenance-free, meaning it will continue to look great down the line without any extra effort. Plus, Allura offers both textured and smooth window trim products in a beautiful range of natural and pleasing colors are available as well.

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