7 Farmhouse Siding Ideas for a Modern Rustic Style

Modern farmhouses have been steadily growing in popularity over the last several years. The style blends modern conveniences with the traditional practicality and style of the farmhouse. Like traditional farmhouse designs, these homes are usually found in more rural areas. They feature large front porches, double hung windows that are taller than they are wide, and pronounced gables.

There are many ways to create a modern farmhouse design. You can mix and match many of the older features, add in modern materials or colors, or just use some of your favorite details of farmhouse design on a more contemporary home.

When it comes to siding these homes, you have a lot of choices as well. They can be done in more traditional styles, given a contemporary update, or a blend of the two. Modern rustic style is a transitional design that often takes different elements into account and combines them in ways that make sense for the home.

Farmhouse Siding Design Ideas

If you’re wondering how you can side a modern farmhouse, check out these seven design ideas:

1. White with Dark Accents

White is one of the most popular colors for house siding. It’s even more popular on modern farmhouses since newer materials and technologies will help your home keep its color longer, without needing constant upkeep, maintenance, and repainting. This farmhouse takes the design a step further, pairing it with a dark accent and trim that helps accentuate the various components in the design, such as the gables and the enclosed front porch. The siding itself is mostly board and batten; a traditional farmhouse style.

2. Three Siding Styles

This small farmhouse-style home does a great job of mixing different textures to produce a rustic modern design. The gables are accentuated in a board and batten style, while the lower sections feature a traditional lap siding. The board and batten is a shade or two lighter than the lap siding below it; which helps it stand out more, calling greater attention to the detail.The single dormer window is surrounded by an irregular shingle that helps bring a touch of rustic detail that matches the fieldstone veneer and helps tie everything together.

3. Board and Batten Accent

This large home has a lot going on with many different features that are reminiscent of the traditional farmhouse. It uses a lot of different accents to help pull those features out, such as switching to classic board and batten beneath the gables. It is paired with a crisp white trim around the windows and black, rustic-style shutters on the front of the home to help complete the look.

4. Mixed Board and Batten Widths

Vertical board and batten siding was first created by installing milled boards vertically, then fastening a small strip known as a batten over the seams. Some of the first farmhouses used this style almost exclusively, and because milled lumber came in many widths, it wasn’t uncommon to see a mixture of siding widths over the home. This modern farmhouse calls that design into the present, mixing two different widths of board and batten siding with a horizontal lap siding accent.

5. Board and Batten All Over

The most traditional farmhouse appearance can be created by using board and batten siding over the entirety of the design. This modern home takes it up a level by using standing seam roofing in areas that extend further out over the home. The seams from the roofing play off the battens in the siding, creating a unique and modern update to a classic design.

6. Two-Tone Lap Siding

Clapboard siding is a very popular look for farmhouses as well. This home uses two colors of clapboard, switching the accent colors to mirror images as the color of the siding changes. This creates a fresh and fun appearance for the home, while still capturing a traditional style and siding design.

7. Gable Emphasis

If you’re creating a modern farmhouse design, it’s important to play up some of the traditional features in order to create a recognizable style. Since the prominent gable is so important to the farmhouse design, switching the color and style of the siding below the gables helps to make them stand out. This home features a blue lap siding in this area that contrasts the rest of the colors and materials, easily accomplishing its goal.

Complete Your Ideal Modern Rustic Farmhouse Style

Farmhouses are popular for numerous reasons, not only their style but also their practicality, emphasis on function and low maintenance design, and the way that they’re so comfortable to live in. The modern farmhouse embraces all of these features, and combines them with some modern conveniences and more durable materials that are even lower in maintenance, such as fiber cement siding.

There are many ways to create a modern rustic farmhouse design. Whether you choose to use a single material and style or you mix and match, use these design ideas to help get you started on your ideal modern rustic farmhouse style.

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