Faux Cedar Siding Design Options

The siding that covers your home is one of the first things that people see when they view your home for the first time. It’s part of what makes that important first impression known as curb appeal, while at the same time playing an important role in the protection of your home from the elements.

Most people agree there’s nothing quite like the look of real wood when it comes to siding, but the maintenance that goes hand in hand with wood often means that your home’s curb appeal can suffer due to peeling, cracked, or rotting planks. That’s why alternatives like faux cedar siding can be so attractive. Faux cedar siding gives you all the beauty of wood, but without any of the maintenance. This lets you have your wood look, while enjoying it, too.

1. Realistic Grain, Realistic Style

Faux cedar siding not only has a texture and appearance that very closely resembles real wood, it also comes in the same shapes, sizes, and styles as real wood. These faux cedar shingles have the same wood texture, as well as the irregular shapes and sizes that you get from using traditional shakes. This enables you to get the rustic appearance you want, without the upkeep.

2. The Color of Wood

This home features faux cedar planks and shakes, with the same warm color of natural cedar, allowing it to fit in well in a rustic or natural environment.

3. A Close Match

Faux cedar planks not only look like real wood from a distance, they also look like real wood when placed right next to it. This rustic building uses faux cedar planks on its exterior that closely resembles the natural wood pillars featured on the front of the porch.

4. The Versatility of Wood

Just like wood, faux cedar siding can be installed in several different directions. This home utilizes traditional lap siding on one building, with a board and batten installation on the other. The same siding is also used to trim out the soffit, giving the entire home a cohesive look, with the same low maintenance durability.

5. Stain or Paint

Whether you want to use a solid color of paint on your siding, or you want the natural appearance of a stain, you can use both on this cedar-look siding. This home features the two closely together, using slightly different sizing in the planks to emphasize the difference between the two, bring extra interest and depth to the exterior.

6. Mixed Materials

It’s possible to use cedar-look siding alongside other materials, including real wood and natural stone. The texture and appearance of the faux cedar so closely resembles real wood, that it’s impossible to tell it apart from the real thing, or from other natural materials used on the same façade.

7. Decorative Elements

Real wood can be carved or shaped into several different decorative designs – and so can faux cedar siding. This book store uses a mixture of different faux cedar elements, including a board and batten façade, and a decorative, half round shingle in a contrasting color to enhance the design.

8. Oversized Panels

One of the benefits of using cedar look siding, as opposed to using the real thing, is the fact that you can find architectural panels stained to look like real wood as well. These panels can help to create the popular rustic modern look that blends natural and contemporary features together in one area.

9. Color Match Trim

Faux cedar siding is also available in a color match trim that will enable you to match every inch of your home’s exterior with the same beauty and wood grain. This way, you can use a larger panel without the traditional lap appearance, while still getting the protection from rain and moisture you need.

10. Appealing Contrasts

With cedar look siding, you not only get the many different wood-look materials available, you can also mix and match with other fiber cement styles. The result is the ability to create appealing contrasts between different areas of the building, enhancing the architecture and design.

Take a Second Look

No matter how closely you look, you’ll have a hard time differentiating faux cedar siding from the real thing. Take a second look at this versatile material for your home to get the look you want with the durability you need.

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