What Are the Best Fiber Cement Siding Alternatives?

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Looking for fiber cement siding alternatives? You’re in the right place! There are many different types of materials out there, and they each come with different advantages and drawbacks. Whether you’re unsure about fiber cement siding or just curious about the other options so you can be more confident in your final choice, it’s always a great idea to stay informed about the various material types that are available.

This guide breaks down three of the most popular fiber cement siding alternatives, diving into the pros and cons of each exterior material and discussing how they measure up against fiber cement siding. Take a look!


Wood is a traditional material that has been a longstanding alternative to fiber cement siding. Classic, iconic, and natural, wood siding is a popular choice for cabins and lodges as well as homes in the suburbs, due to its versatility. A variety of paints and stains can provide plenty of creativity during the design process, and the layout and installation of wood siding can also add to the diversity of design possibilities. Another advantage of wood is that it’s quite easy to work with, which is an appealing characteristic for DIY enthusiasts who are seeking a fiber cement siding alternative that they can feel comfortable installing themselves.


Wood siding is one of the most labor intensive siding materials, and it requires a significant amount of time, money, and effort to keep it looking and performing its best. Moisture, sun exposure, insects, and mold can all compromise the integrity of wood siding fairly quickly. That means that homeowners who choose this siding alternative should be prepared for lots of maintenance.


Metal is another fiber cement siding alternative that provides` slightly more stability and protection than most wood siding options. Metal siding doesn’t have anywhere near the flammability risk of wood, which is appealing for homeowners located in dry, arid regions that see wildfire flare-ups each year. It also lacks the mold, mildew, and rotting risks that can plague wood siding. Metal siding is available in a variety of colors and styles, so homeowners can create a variety of design options.


One of the major downsides of metal siding is reliability. There is an incredible spectrum of quality afforded by metal, depending on the specific type of metal used, the grade of the material, and the installation procedures used to secure it in place. Homeowners will need to do a significant amount of research about the particular metal siding products they’re considering, so they know exactly what they’re getting. Always confirm the grade and longevity of metal siding products, as this fiber cement siding alternative can vary from heavy-duty to paper-thin.


Vinyl siding is a popular choice that attracts a lot of homeowners. It’s very easy to find, and it’s often advertised in a wide range of attractive colors. Vinyl siding is also quite easy to install, which is an advantage for DIY homeowners. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl is its affordability. Homeowners with budget constraints often turn to vinyl when looking for affordable exterior options.


Vinyl may be one of the most affordable fiber cement siding alternatives upfront, however, its value doesn’t hold up in the long run. Vinyl is known to be a relatively weak material, meaning strong winds and seasonal weather patterns can really take a toll. It is not uncommon for individual panels to crack, sag, fade, or tear away from the structure with regular exposure to the elements. Homeowners who choose vinyl as a fiber cement siding alternative should be prepared for repairs and a comprehensive remodel within a few years.

Returning to Fiber Cement Siding

Checking out other options is always a great practice to stay informed. Researching fiber cement siding alternatives just confirms that fiber cement is the top choice when it comes to durability, style, performance, and value. Fiber cement is a long-lasting, heavy-duty product that is designed to be extremely low maintenance, meaning homeowners won’t need to fuss over stressful upkeep or repairs. Simply put, fiber cement is built to last and look great for the long haul.


Most homeowners are blown away by the diversity of designs and color choices possible with fiber cement siding. Allura fiber cement siding is available in an incredible assortment of styles and colors for homeowners to design the home of their dreams. They even have a collection of wood-look siding for those who love the aesthetic of natural wood but want to get a more durable performance out of their exterior siding. Fiber cement siding provides heightened performance without compromising on style.

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