Fiber Cement Soffit – A Complete Breakdown

Many homeowners are turning to fiber cement to side and roof their homes. These versatile products are durable, long lasting, greener than vinyl, and hold their value at time of resale better than any other upgrade you can make for your home. What many people don’t realize, though, is that it’s possible to extend those benefits to other areas of your home’s exterior at the same time, such as your soffits.

Why Use Fiber Cement Soffits

Soffits aren’t usually something that a lot of homeowners think about, but they are integral to your porch, overhangs, and other overhead spaces. Soffits can allow for air flow, or just give you a finished appearance to the underside of your roof overhang.

Unfortunately, typical soffits have a tendency to become waterlogged and even to rot if they aren’t taken care of properly. This can lead to further damage as the water and rot spread to your roof and siding.

Fiber cement soffits offer the same protection and good looks as other fiber cement products. They’re water resistant, insect resistant, and never peel, chip, or rot. So your home can maintain its good looks and its integrity everywhere, even in frequently overlooked areas like the soffit. If you’re having fiber cement siding or roofing put on your home, it makes sense to extend this protection and durability everywhere, including to your soffits.

Options for Fiber Cement Soffits

Your soffit needs to complement the rest of your home’s exterior, particularly if you have a significant overhang that will be visible to those standing below. These options for fiber cement soffits are designed to meet your home’s needs, whatever its style.

#1 Cedar Soffit

The cedar soffit is the perfect complement to fiber cement horizontal lap and board and batten siding. It makes a beautiful addition to the underside of porch roofs and overhangs, and is available in 22 colors and six stains, as well as in a ready-to-paint primed finish so you can match it to any color of home or building. At ¼-inch in thickness, this soffit has a realistic looking cedar wood grain and comes in 12-, 16-, and 24-inch widths, all of which are 12-feet long, so you can customize the appearance and fit of the soffit no matter what type or size of overhang you have on your home.

#2 Ventilated Cedar Soffit

If you want the look of real cedar wood, but also need to help control and facilitate the air flow under your eaves and throughout your home, consider the ventilated cedar soffit. This ¼-inch thick soffit has the same looks as the standard cedar soffit, but with a perforated surface to encourage air flow. Also available in 22 colors and six stains, the soffit is also available in a ready-to-paint finish that will allow you to match it to any color of home. The cedar ventilated soffit comes in 12-, 16-, and 24-inch widths, all of which are 12-feet long, and has a realistic wood grain finish as well.

#3 Smooth Soffit

For more contemporary homes that feature smooth panels on the exterior siding, the smooth soffit is the perfect match. This perfectly smooth panel is available in 22 colors, as well as in a ready-to-paint primed finish so you can match it to any color home or building. The ¼-inch thick soffit is available in 12-, 16-, and 24-inch widths as well, all in 12-foot lengths, allowing you to perfectly match the size and shape of your overhang no matter what its style.

#4 Smooth Ventilated Soffit

Many contemporary homes have the same ventilation and air flow needs as traditional buildings, which makes the smooth ventilated soffit the perfect fit. This perforated panel is made of the same smooth, ¼-inch thick material but allows for controlled air flow through the eaves and the rest of the building. The smooth ventilated soffit is available in 12-, 16-, and 24-inch widths, all 12-feet long. The soffit comes in 22 different solid colors, as well as in a ready-to-paint primed finish that allows you to match it to any color of home or building.

Extend the Durability of Your Home with Fiber Cement Soffits

The soffit may not get a lot of attention, but it is an important part of your home. Whether you have a large porch roof or overhang, or you have only a small overhang before the fascia begins, it’s important to treat your soffit like you would any area of your home’s exterior. By utilizing durable, long lasting fiber cement in this critical area of your home, you can extend the durability and protection everywhere. With fiber cement soffits, you never need to give the area another thought or worry about difficult maintenance. Consider fiber cement soffits for your home to complete the look and durability of your home’s exterior.

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