Fiber Cement Siding vs. Steel Siding

Homeowners today are constantly searching for ways to improve their homes for the long term, lowering costs and ongoing maintenance. For this reason, most homeowners who are residing their homes will look for a durable, low maintenance material that can pay for itself over the years with fewer paint jobs, repairs, and other upkeep.

Fiber Cement Siding vs. Steel Siding Comparison

Two materials that get a lot of attention are fiber cement and steel siding. Both are durable materials that will allow you to go years without needing to repair or reside your home, but only fiber cement siding gives you the style and options necessary to create a home that is as beautiful as it is long lasting.

Steel Siding

Steel siding is often seen as an attractive alternative to other types of metal siding such as aluminum. Steel doesn’t dent the way that aluminum does, nor does it easily crack like vinyl, making it an attractive solution for homeowners that have tried wood, and want something lower maintenance, but without the inherent problems of these other materials.

Unfortunately, steel siding does have several drawbacks. While it is durable and long lasting as well as low maintenance, the color does have a tendency to fade, like it does on aluminum.

Steel siding is also very limited in style. It comes in a horizontal lap siding, but in few other styles or configurations.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding solves all these issues easily, while still providing you with the durability and low maintenance option you need. With the coating technology of today, fiber cement’s finish remains durable and its color stays true. This allows you many years of maintenance free enjoyment of your home.

In addition, fiber cement siding is made with a realistic-looking wood grain for both its lap siding and its shingles. Looking at fiber cement siding, it is difficult to tell that the material isn’t wood, particularly when viewed from the curb. Fiber cement siding can even be mixed with real wood for things like rustic or resort style homes, giving you an authentic appearance that can complement any surrounding.

Fiber cement also comes in a wide range of options for both siding and trim. You can choose a smooth or woodgrain lap siding. Then depending on the style of your house, you can have from a 4” to a 10” wide exposure. Fiber cement siding also comes in panels. So whether you want a stucco look or a board and batten look, fiber cement siding lets you. Shingle panels also are a very affordable and beautiful siding option as well. Most homes today combine a couple profiles to make the perfect statement that this is our home.

In addition to these more traditional styles of siding, fiber cement also comes can be paired with metal trim to create a modern, architectural look which is capturing the attention of residential architects. For years, this look has graced many commercial projects and now homeowners are realizing that they can set their home apart by using metal trim to modernize their home.

The panels can also be used to trim out windows in traditional architecture as well, so you can add the little touches and detail to your home that you need to bring out its best. There’s no need to switch between different materials, and every piece of fiber cement siding comes with the same durability and maintenance free care. So, you can enjoy your home for many years without worrying about areas peeling, fading, or needing more attention that you wish to give.

Make the Right Choice for Your Home

While steel siding is an attractive alternative to aluminum siding, it’s still no match for the beauty and versatility of fiber cement. Whether you are residing a Victorian or building a new contemporary home, fiber cement offers you the most options, colors, and versatility to cover your entire home with durability. Make the right choice for your siding with fiber cement to gain the best available for your home.

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