Get Fire Resistant Shake Siding with Fiber Cement

Shake siding is a popular look for many architectural styles. But cedar shakes are not naturally flame retardant. While they can be treated with chemicals that can help prevent combustion, these chemicals may wear off and are not always effective at preventing fires.

For homes that are in areas prone to forest fires or for homeowners who want to reduce the chances of fire, there are better alternatives. Fiber cement shake siding can give you the look of natural cedar shakes, but with flame resistance and better durability.

Unreliable Cedar Shakes

Many people erroneously believe that cedar shakes can be treated to help prevent flammability. Other people often think that there is no greater risk with cedar shakes than with other siding materials, opting to get the look of the shakes regardless of risk.

But studies have shown that using cedar shakes in some capacity on your home increases the risk of fire, particularly in areas prone to wildfires. The chemicals that are used to treat shakes has a limited longevity. Over time, rain, moisture, UV rays, and natural wear will cause the treatment to fail. When this happens, the exposed shakes will weather, which in turn causes them to become more flammable. A stray spark from a forest fire could, therefore, put the entire structure at risk.

A Better Alternative to Cedar Shakes

There’s no denying that cedar shakes have a beautiful appearance, whether they’re used over the entirety of a home or just as an accent. It’s also possible to get this look along with better durability and fire resistance by using fiber cement shakes.

Fiber cement is a material made from a blend of cellulose fiber, sand, silica, and Portland cement. This heavy, durable mixture is non-porous, moisture, and insect resistant, and flame resistant as well. Fiber cement won’t ignite from a stray spark the way that a weathered shingle will. So, it’s going to stay safer longer, particularly in areas where wildfires are common.

Fiber cement is made of more than 90% non flammable material. It may char or blacken, but it isn’t going to combust the way that wood will. With fiber cement shakes on your home, you’ll have significantly less risk from wildfires or other types of sparks or flames than you will with natural shingles. And fiber cement isn’t going to melt or spread flames the way that vinyl or aluminum will either. And with fiber cement, you can still have the look and style you want for your home as well as this fire protection.

A Versatile Wood-Look Option

Fiber cement is also an incredibly versatile material that can be shaped to look like many different types of cedar siding, including shakes and shingles. Fiber cement shingles are available in straight and irregular edges, as well as in 5-inch and 7-inch sizes. This allows you to better customize the look of your property.

For decorative areas, fiber cement shingles are also available in half-round and octagons, both with a 7-inch projection. And for those that really want a smooth, even look for their exterior, there’s also 7-inch perfection shingles. Due to the nature of cedar, to get such perfect shakes would require enormous amounts of waste, labor, and expense.

All fiber cement shingles are available in a range of solid colors and natural-looking stains. They’re also available primed and ready to paint as well, giving you control over the exterior.

Fiber cement is also available in individual shakes to give you the most authentic appearance for your home. Choose from staggered or straight edge in a wide range of sizes, each with an 8-inch exposure. Individual shakes come primed and ready to paint in your favorite stain or paint color. This gives you the most freedom of expression when designing your facade, as well as the most protection from fire hazards, moisture, and the elements.

All fiber cement shingles and shakes have a natural-looking, cedar wood grain. They’re designed to a true alternative to natural cedar; environmentally friendly, flame resistant, insect resistant, moisture resistant, and incredibly durable. They won’t absorb moisture and rot over time like natural cedar, and they won’t require frequent scraping or staining. With fiber cement shingles and shakes, you can get the look and feel of real cedar shakes, but with none of the hazards or drawbacks that may accompany them.

Get Attractive Protection

Fiber cement shakes have the look and feel of real cedar shakes. They come in numerous options that can let you customize the appearance of your home, and they won’t come with any of the inherent issues of natural cedar. There’s no need to treat the shakes chemically or to deal with high maintenance care over the years. With fiber cement, you get a beautiful, long-lasting siding for your home, without any of the worry.

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