Fire Resistant House Siding Options

Your home is your most important asset. So, when it comes to protecting it from things like fires, smoke alarms and good insurance simply aren’t enough.

While some fires do start on your home’s interior, others may be caused by sparks from a neighboring fire, a grill left too close to the siding, lightning strikes, or a carelessly tossed match. In these cases, your siding is your first line of defense against the conflagration that can quickly consume your home and everything in it. That’s why more homeowners are beginning to turn to fire resistant house sidings such as fiber cement to help protect them from this dangerous possibility.

Fiber Cement Composition

The secret to fiber cement’s durability is also what makes it fire resistant. 90% of the planks are made of materials that won’t burn, giving fiber cement siding a Class 1(A) fire/flame spread rating – the highest classification available. Unlike wood siding, fiber cement siding doesn’t burn, even under extreme heat. So, a stray spark from your bon fire won’t ignite your siding, nor will a grill that gets too hot if it’s left on your porch.

Homes sided in traditional wood cladding can’t offer you the same protection. Especially homes in dry areas where the moisture content of the wood may be significantly lower, causing the wood to catch fire more easily. So, even a well-maintained wood home can’t offer you the same protection as a true fire resistant house siding like fiber cement.

Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners looking for a fire-resistant house siding may consider products such as vinyl, which are technically non-flammable as well. The difference, though, is how the product holds up to heat. Fiber cement siding won’t ignite, burn, or melt when exposed to either heat or flames.

While vinyl siding won’t catch fire or ignite from a stray spark either, it does melt and warp easily. Homeowners living in hot, sunny climates have found on occasion that their vinyl siding has actually softened to the point that it has warped in the sun.

Naturally Resistant

It is possible to treat wood siding and shingles with fire retardant chemicals that can help prevent fires on your home’s exterior. However, many of these chemicals may need repeated applications, may be covered by the paint, which can then catch fire itself, or may wear away over time, leaving your home vulnerable.

Fiber cement is naturally flame retardant. It requires no additional chemicals or procedures to keep it that way, and all fiber cement trim, panels, shingles, shakes, and siding has the same protection. When you choose fiber cement siding for your home, you get a truly durable, low-maintenance product that is flame and fire resistant form the minute you put it up for the lifetime of the siding. This makes fiber cement a truly worry-free product that can bring you peace of mind, particularly if you live in an area prone to dry winds, brush fires, or other hazards such as these.

Worry Free Fire Resistant House Siding

There are a lot of choices on the market for what to use to siding your home or business. Only one brings with it the durability, worry-free, fire resistance that you need to help ensure your home’s exterior is protected from the threat of fires. Fiber cement siding is the only siding on the market to receive a Class 1(A) rating, making it ideal for any property where the threat of fire may be a concern. In addition, fiber cement is beautiful, versatile and resistant to things like rot and termites as well, so you can extend that peace of mind to other areas of home maintenance as well. Invest in a truly worry free siding for your home to enjoy peace of mind for many years to come.

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