Flagstone Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Color trends come and go, but many homeowners are beginning to move toward colors in and on their homes that may have stronger staying power than those used in years past.

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Of all the many shades getting a lot of attention right now, is anything in the spectrum of the color gray, including the shade used by Allura – Flagstone. This deep blue/gray siding color seems poised to match the staying power of the fiber cement itself.

Well Balanced Color

Gray is a color that can take on numerous undertones, ranging in color from “greige” to shades that are nearly purple in tone. This can make it difficult for homeowners to find a color that will remain truly “neutral” and complement the rest of their home’s architecture and color selections. Flagstone is a deep blue/gray that mimics the color of bluestone, the natural material frequently used in walkways and as a stone veneer on a house’s façade. The color lies on the cool end of the spectrum, pairing well with white trim, as well as with natural stone accents such as chimneys, walls, or walkways. Like all colors from Allura, Flagstone will not fade over time, ensuring that the color will stay true regardless of the climate the house resides in.

Traditional Style

While gray as a neutral works well on numerous house styles, Flagstone’s blue undertone gives it a slightly more traditional appearance than some other shades. This makes it a natural choice for several different architectural styles, including:

- Capes

- Gambrels

- Ranches

- Beach cottages

- Craftsman bungalows

- Colonials

The cool tones mean that both white trim and black shutters and roofing materials will work particularly well with the color, allowing you to pick out different features on the home, calling attention to them. Like all cool colors, Flagstone works particularly well on smaller homes; because cool colors recede visually from the eye when viewed, the have a tendency to make homes appear larger and more spacious than they really are.

The traditional color of Flagstone also works well on a number of different traditional styles of siding. This includes not only horizontal lap siding, but also board and batten, as well as cedar-look shingles. Many different looks can be created using this color, particularly when paired with other color-neutral accents and trim.

Rustic Modern Style

The cool, traditional color of Flagstone also makes it an excellent choice for homes being sided in a rustic modern style. In rustic modern architecture, there is a blend between more natural and traditional materials and contemporary style. For example, a home may be sided partially in wood-look siding stained a natural color, and partially sided in architectural panels and trim to create a contrast.

The key is to ensure that the architectural panels don’t move too far in the other direction from the rustic or traditional elements; they need to help form a bridge between the two styles to strike the balance so important in this architectural form. Flagstone, therefore, is the perfect color to help achieve this effect. The cool tones contrast nicely against warmer wood tones, calling to mind the color of natural bluestone and other natural materials, yet still allowing the architectural panels to have the smooth look and feel necessary to complete the look. Homes that make good use of natural rock nearby as well as natural wood tones can also incorporate Flagstone into their home’s color scheme nicely, creating the rustic modern look that is gaining in popularity right now.

Regional Popularity

Depending upon the location of your home, you may find that some colors tend to be more popular for the area than others. While siding color is always a personal choice of the homeowner, those hoping to sell their homes more quickly often find that catering to regional popularity can help to increase curb appeal, and help to speed up turnover of the property.

Flagstone performs particularly well in northern and coastal areas where a natural color palette is desired. The color also makes a nice accent for homes located in the south where darker colors are often preferred. Because Flagstone contrasts so well with natural wood colors, it can also be used as an accent in the mid-west where natural tones dominate on housing exteriors.

Consider Allura Flagstone Siding

As shades of gray continue to dominate every area of the home, including the exterior, more homeowners are beginning to consider shades like Flagstone for their properties. Whether you have a traditional home, or something a little more modern, Flagstone makes a beautiful exterior color that pairs well with both natural stone and wood tones and stains. Make the switch to Allura’s Flagstone siding for your home to gain a durable, long lasting color both in style and in function that will last as long as you own your home.

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