7 Garage Trim Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Having a garage boosts your home’s function and its value. Whether your garage is attached or detached, it needs to complement the rest of your home’s exterior and appearance to help it look its best. Garage doors have been the tradition for the last several years, with many homeowners upgrading their doors to boost their curb appeal. But for the garage door to really fit in, you need to make sure you have the trim to match.

Garage door trim is available in many styles and materials. These 7 ideas are designed to show you what may be possible to do with your home.

1. Matching Garage Door Trim

Garage door trim

Sometimes the best way to create your curb appeal is to blend in your garage with what you already have. In this case, the trim on the garage doors is a perfect match for the trim used on the rest of the home, including around the windows and the walls’ edges. This creates a unified look for the property and makes the garage blend right into the rest of the exterior.

2. Arched Trim

Arched Trim

A subtle curve can bring some extra interest to a space. These garage doors have an arched trim overhead that gives them a decorative boost. The trim also matches the arch that is used over the front door, so the curve is repeated three times, which not only helps it stand out, but it helps tie the two sections together so that the garages are better unified with the rest of the home.

3. Crisp, Clean, White Trim

Clean white trim

Not every garage needs to have decorative trim or trim that is designed to stand out. This home uses a crisp white trim around the garage door, separating the door’s color and the siding, so the door stands out. The white trim brightens up the area, popping against the dark gray siding and making a better transition to the lighter color on the door.

4. Half Trim

Half Trim

Garage door trim doesn’t need to surround the door on three sides completely to be effective. These garages are a great example of what you can do with half trim. The trim starts about a third of the way up each side, supported by a wide base. The lintel - or top trim piece - is a little wider than the rest of the trim as well, which helps to balance out the fact that the side trim is a little shorter than usual. This all combines to create a garage door trim that is subtly eye-catching and full of interest.

5. Decorative Fillet Trim

Decorative Fillet Trim

Adding a fillet to the lintel above your garage door is an excellent way of adding some definition and a little extra curb appeal. Fillets are additional trim pieces that you use to build out the plain trim, giving it some depth and detail. In this case, the garage doors have a carriage style perfectly complemented by the fillet and the carriage lamps on either side for one unified and stunning look.

6. Thin, Modern Trim

Thin modern trim

For contemporary homes, having a bold trim often clashes with the rest of the exterior. While your garage does need some trim, such as a wrap, to ensure that the door’s opening and closing doesn’t damage the sides, having a prominent trim would make this garage stand out too much. Therefore, having the wrap extend into a slight, thin trim creates the perfect complement for the rest of this modern home.

7. Black on White Trim

Black on white trim

Many people think that trim needs to be white or a light color to do its job, but it can be striking to opt for a black or dark-colored trim for a light-colored home. This white home would lose a lot of its detail if the trim were to match or blend in with the rest of the siding. Therefore, black trim is the perfect complement; it stands out well against the white cladding and lets every detail down to the garage door stand out and get noticed.

Boost Your Curb Appeal with the Right Garage Trim

Garage door trim may not be the most prominent feature on your home, but it can help boost your home’s appearance and bring a little extra attention to the area. Done correctly, the right garage door trim can help complete your home’s appearance and give it that finished look that’s so important. Use these ideas to get started and contact Allura today to complete your home’s exterior with some new garage trim.

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