What Are the Best Siding Options for Your Garage?

Garage siding can pull together the look of a home and create exquisite harmony throughout the exterior. However, when it’s not done correctly, the siding on the garage can also be cause for concern and disrupt an otherwise seamless design technique.

Not sure how to create a garage siding style that fits your home’s aesthetic? Take a look at these tips on designing the best garage siding options for your home.

How to Design Great Garage Siding

Siding for the garage may not be the most exciting feature of your home, however it’s certainly an important part of the exterior that must be accounted for during the design process. The details on the garage door alone may influence the garage siding options that will look the best. For example, windows, dimensions, detailing, exterior lighting, and shape should all be considered when determining how to match the garage to the surrounding siding.

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Furthermore, color can play a big role. Many homeowners like to select a trim and door color that contrasts with the siding on the garage. White is a popular choice for modern residential designs, but dark brown, beige and black are all great garage siding options that can create a unique ambiance as well.

Always take the big picture into account when browsing through different garage siding ideas. Remember, curb appeal is when the whole home is presented in a way that catches the eye. The more architectural features your home has — including dormers, gables, wraparound porches, columns and awnings — the more opportunities there are for playing with color, texture, and design details.

Take a look at these garage siding ideas that offer excellent inspiration. By mixing and matching various textures, colors, and material styles, these designs are refreshing ideas for the exterior.


Horizontal Lap + Board and Batten Gables

Horizontal lap siding is a traditional style that continues to maintain its allure today. By pairing the horizontal lap siding for the garage with board and batten gables, this home captures a more unique look that feels modern and on-trend. Furthermore, the color contrast between the siding on the garage and the gables adds extra depth to the home’s look overall, and crisp white trim accentuates the division and pulls the look together.


Horizontal Lap + Variegated Shake

Not all garage siding options rely on white trim to create a clean and cohesive look. This home reverses the color strategy by sticking with a dark brown trim that matches the double garage doors. Dark browns tend to create a more natural aesthetic, and the theme is enhanced here with the addition of variegated shake on the gable, adding intense color dimension and character. Using multi-color shake to highlight architectural features like dormers and gables can be an excellent way to add subtle character that adds excitement without straying from the natural theme of the exterior.


Board and Batten Throughout

Consistency is key when picking a bold and unusual color for garage siding. Here, the dark cobalt siding is lifted with white trim and gray stone for a more inviting effect, and board and batten siding is installed throughout the exterior for consistency in texture and layout. Board and batten is a great choice for adding subtle texture to dark colors, and the additional detail here helps to break up the heavy color choice. Furthermore, the vertical lines of the board and batten design helps to lift the eye upwards, lightening the heavy color with upright detailing. This is a clever way to incorporate a dark tone in the garage siding without adding too much visual weight to the exterior.


Shake + Board and Batten Gables

In this last example, shake garage siding is mixed with board and batten gables to create a textured appearance that delights. Notice that a very light color has been chosen for the garage siding and gable siding. Selecting a single color with a very light tone is an excellent way to include a significant amount of texture without the exterior becoming overwhelmed by various design features. Notice how the stone columns near the entryway are painted in the same shade of light gray as the garage siding to keep a uniform appearance that’s easy on the eye. The color consistency across the exterior creates a standout focal point at the entryway, where natural wood beams draw attention to the entrance.

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