5 Dark Gray Board and Batten Siding Design Ideas

Gray board and batten siding has a particularly put-together look that makes it a standout in today’s market. Gray color palettes have a cool, modern feel, while board and batten brings a traditional touch to exteriors. Combined, gray board and batten siding proves to be incredibly versatile, and is capable of expressing a variety of distinct styles with unforgettable curb appeal.

From ultra-modern minimalism to farmhouse charm, gray board and batten siding can work wonders for homes designed with many unique aesthetic traditions. Modern materials help these beautiful house exteriors last even longer – and with much less maintenance – than board and batten siding built the old-fashioned way.

Get familiar with the options available for gray board and batten siding and find the best style and material for your home.

How to Get the Look: Board and Batten

Board and batten siding is a traditional type of exterior cladding that consists of wide vertical boards with narrower strips of wood that run vertically along the seams between the boards. In addition to creating incredible visual texture, this distinct siding style brings immediate character to the home.

Board and batten cladding has been used for ages, so it carries a very familiar appearance that can be experimented in fresh ways. The versatility of this siding style is another reason why it has been continuing to grow in popularity. Now that modern materials can recreate the board and batten style easily – but with much more ease than wood – it’s an easy choice for homeowners who want a great combination of both style and durability.

The Best Board and Batten is Made with Modern Materials

Wood was the traditional building material used to construct board and batten siding in the past, and while natural wood siding can have a pretty appearance – at first – it is very difficult to maintain and prone to moisture damage, peeling, and overall deterioration. Unless homeowners are up for year-round maintenance to keep wood board and batten looking its best, it’s a good idea to switch to a modern material like fiber cement.

Allura specializes in crafting board and batten siding with fiber cement to provide enhanced durability, better protection against the elements, faster installation, and an overall more consistent appearance that continues to look great year after year. Unlike wood, Allura’s fiber cement holds onto its color and appearance, so dark gray board and batten siding can continue to look fresh without the common blemishes that compromise wood siding.

5 Gray Board and Batten Siding Design Ideas

Believe it or not, gray works as a neutral when it comes to mixing and matching exterior siding colors. That gives it a lot of versatility! Check out these 5 eye-catching board and batten siding ideas.

1. Monochromatic Gray Mix-and-Match Texture

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A single, streamlined color palette can create a gorgeous effect when various textures are introduced. Combine gray board and batten siding with lap, shake, and smooth paneling to dial up texture while maintaining immaculate color consistency.

2. Black Lap with Dark Gray Board and Batten Accents

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Black exteriors are great for making a statement! Dark gray board and batten siding helps break up black lap and add intrigue and depth to the design. Any area can benefit from a siding style switch-up and contrasting color, but most homeowners choose to add accent panels on the dormers, entryway, and middle section of the exterior to create dimension.

3. Gray Board and Batten Siding with Stone

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Stone porch columns, foundations, smokestacks, and skirting can bring a sophisticated appearance to any home. Stacked stone, rounded mosaics, and other combinations give homeowners plenty of options to consider when finding the right pairing with gray board and batten siding. The good news is that stone comes in a lot of different color variations, so it’s easy to find a selection that matches any shade of gray board and batten siding.

4. Beige Accents and Dark Gray-Blue Board and Batten Siding

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Popular with the coastal aesthetic, blue-gray palettes have a modern look and cool appearance that feels welcoming and relaxed. Gray board and batten siding with a blue undertone can benefit from beige as an accent color. Consider beige trim, beige dormers, a beige door, or beige shutters for a put-together appearance that’s easy on the eyes.

5. Light Gray Board and Batten with Black Trim and White Accent

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Black and white are also natural color choices that play well with gray board and batten siding. Great for the modern farmhouse aesthetic, black and white trim creates strong definition for gray board and batten siding to create a timeless look that won’t go out of style.

Modern Gray Board and Batten Siding Built to Last

Allura board and batten siding comes in many beautiful gray tones. Peppercorn and Downing Slate offer deep gray options, while Analytical Gray and Agreeable Gray provide lighter hues that are perfect for pairing with white trim. There are even shades of gray board and batten siding with a cool undertone, like Gray Clouds.

On top of an impressive selection, Allura board and batten siding is crafted from high-quality fiber cement so homeowners can enjoy a low-maintenance style that lasts!

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