Beautiful Home Design Ideas Using the Combination of Gray Houses with White Trim

When it comes to the exterior of your home, there are few color palettes that have nearly universal appeal. While some people may like bold colors, others may prefer neutrals. One color combination that seems to transcend popular opinion to be enjoyed by all is a gray home with white trim.

Gray Houses with White Trim Ideas

Gray houses trimmed in crisp, clean white call to mind a variety of images from beach homes to sedate manors. Because gray can come in so many different hues and tones, it works well on many properties as well. If you’re considering colors for your home exterior, take a look at these 7 gray homes with white trim to see what may be possible for your project.

1. Nature Inspired

This home takes its color inspiration from the gray fieldstone that features prominently in its landscaping and chimney exterior. The rich, deep color of the gray shakes and siding helps the home blend in with its surroundings.

The bright white trim adds some contrast to the gray, which helps keep the façade from getting too dark overall. The combination pairs beautifully with the rest of the property, creating cohesive design.

2. Varying Texture

This gray home shows off its color on not only traditional lap siding, but cedar-look shakes as well. The two different materials not only help break up the exterior, creating interest, they also break up the color as well. While both types of siding are painted the same rich gray, the way that the color is impacted by the texture of the siding changes over the exterior.

The shakes have more shadow to them, which makes them appear slightly darker than the lap siding. Both contrast nicely with the smooth white trim, adding a lot of dimension to the façade.

3. Classic Style

There are few color combinations on homes more classic than gray siding with white trim and black shutters. This home features the three in an elegant combination set off by a natural wood door that warms up the front of the façade, while the red brick chimney adds a small pop of color to the side.

The three colors together create a monochromatic effect for the property with beautiful and timeless results.

4. Subtle Shading

Gray and white don’t have to sit far apart from one another in tone in order to create a striking façade. This beach property has a very pale, weathered look to it, with gray shingles that have just a hair more color than the white trim they flank.

Because of the size and placement of this property, the subtle contrast between gray and white strikes just the right amount of balance. Any darker, the home may be overwhelmed, while any lighter and it would begin to wash out.

5. Craftsman Style

Columns, details under the eaves, and other Craftsman-style features are showcased on this home’s façade. All of that trim needs to have something to contrast with it in order to make the exterior into something special.

A rich gray color complements the design and adds the contrast that’s necessary to bring the style into greater focus. Together, the two colors play up the details that make this style so iconic.

6. Detailed Design

When a home has a lot of features and a lot going on with its exterior, you need a color that will blend well with those features, and not overpower the style. This Sterling Gray property achieves that with ease.

The different textures of the siding, the large amounts of clean white trim, and the fieldstone all work together with the gray color to provide a quiet exterior that lets the details come into greater focus.

7. Quiet Style

Cool colors, like the shade used on this Pewter home, have a powerful effect on small spaces. Cool colors expand visually, which can make a small home appear to be larger than it is. This property uses a cool, light gray combined with white trim to give it a quiet boost in visual size.

The shade of gray is just close enough to the white that it doesn’t create contrast that can undo what the cool color is achieving. The effect is quiet, classic, and appealing.

Get Your Perfect Style

Gray is a color that can be considered a neutral when used in the right way. For this reason, it has much more universal appeal than other tones. Consider pairing gray siding with white trim on your home exterior, to capture one of these looks for yourself.

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