7 Beautiful Green House Siding Ideas

For the last several years, many shades of green have been increasing in popularity in and around the home. Green is sometimes considered to be a “colorful neutral” because while it certainly has more personality than beige or taupe, it works well with a variety of other tones, and often helps give a natural appearance to homes.

Green House Siding Ideas

If you’re looking for a fresh new color to give to your home’s siding, consider using a shade of green. Light or dark, subtle or bold, green will give your home a beautiful new appearance. Check out these 7 green house siding ideas to get inspired about what you can do for your home.

1. Classical Forest Green

Many older and traditional-style homes look their best when they’re painted in dark or somber colors. And while gray or burgundy can be beautiful, there’s something about the vibrancy of a deep forest green that really brings a property to life.

This home’s siding features Forest from Allura, with a crisp white trim and black shutters. Together, the three colors create an understated design that’s anything but boring.

2. Medium-Green Shingles

Shingles are an attractive way to add detail and texture to your home. And while many people choose to use shingles in a natural wood color or stain, that isn’t the only way that they can be styled.

This ranch has been clad in shingles that have been painted a rich sage green. The color pairs perfectly with the texture of the shingles, preserving the natural appearance of the home, but gives it an updated look at the same time that works perfectly with the architecture.

3. Triple-Tone Victorian

4. Mid-Century Design

Mid-Century modern facades and front exteriors have been phenomenally popular over the last several years, with many homeowners updating their homes with columns, shutters, and other features that can help give their homes this classic look. These homes look even better, though, when those features are paired with a siding color that not only complements them, but really brings them out.

This Forest green home is the perfect backdrop for the cream-colored columns on the front of the porch. The siding changes direction and style subtly over the sides, moving to board-and-batten to show off the architecture, and the color remains the same over the entirety. This gives the property a cohesive look that is perfectly in keeping with the style throughout.

5. An Updated Classic

Many classic-style homes, like this one, have a lot of features going on, from front porches to architectural trim. So, when it comes to the siding color, you need something that’s robust enough to make those features stand out, but not so bold that it ends up overpowering them or taking away from the classic design.

This home achieves the perfect balance, using a Cypress green siding in both horizontal lap and board-and-batten styles. The white trim and porch railings pop against the green, while the black shutters help to provide a somber note that brings everything into alignment.

6. Complementary Colors

When you want to create a really bold design that catches everyone’s attention, there’s nothing like using complementary colors – colors that sit across from one another on the color wheel – to do the job. These shades actually vibrate slightly when viewed next to one another, which makes for a dynamic design.

This classic home makes great use of this design by using a very light green paired with a darker red shutter. The light green keeps the design from being overpowering, while at the same time providing the perfect backdrop for the bold red shutters that make everyone stop and pay attention to the façade.

7. Architectural Siding

Traditional horizontal lap siding, shingles, and board-and-batten siding aren’t the only styles that can benefit from some dazzling green color. Architectural panels are becoming increasingly popular on modern and contemporary style homes. And what better way to complement these sleek designs, than with an equally bold color?

This lime green hue helps to create an eye-catching façade on this multi-family home. The panels allow for more unbroken expanses of color, perfect for a bolder tone that is sure to catch the eye.

Go Green on Your Home

Green siding comes in so many different hues and tones you’re sure to find one that works well for your façade. If you’re looking for a fresh new color for your home, consider any of these beautiful green house siding ideas to help get you started.

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