7 Sophisticated Grey Cedar Shake Siding Ideas

Grey has become one of the most popular colors for home decor — both inside and outside the home. Grey cedar shake siding is a natural choice that can help showcase a home’s distinct architectural character without losing the modern touch, and now there is a more advanced grey cedar shake siding that lasts longer than traditional products.

Take a look at these seven home designs that use grey cedar shake siding to create a polished and inviting ambiance, and learn how you can make your grey cedar shake siding last longer.

The Versatility of Grey Shake

It’s not often that a popular trend shows so much versatility across different architectural styles. Yet this is exactly the case with grey cedar shake siding, which looks great on barndominiums, Craftsman-style homes, and urban residences too. Grey is a soothing color that communicates sophistication and calm, which is why it has become a top pick for homeowners. By changing the coordinated trim colors, composition, and other features of the exterior, grey cedar shake siding has the ability to create many different style aesthetics, making it one of the most versatile siding choices around.

Grey Cedar Shake Siding That Maintains Its Great Looks

Traditionally, shake siding was often crafted from natural wood, like raw cedar. While we have this original technique to thank for an iconic exterior aesthetic, using natural cedar is considered an outdated approach. Not only does cedar shake routinely require intensive maintenance, but it is also susceptible to color fading from sun exposure, moisture damage, mold and mildew growth, and insect damage. Siding made from natural timber requires time, money, and attention from homeowners.

Many homeowners opt for shake siding that has the beauty of cedar, but is actually made from a fiber cement composition that boosts longevity, durability, and performance. Allura products, like grey cedar shake siding, are intentionally designed to be low-maintenance, so that homeowners can enjoy an exterior that looks and performs at top quality without any hassle.

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7 Gray Shake Siding Ideas

There are lots of unique design strategies for crafting an exceptional exterior with grey cedar shake siding. Take a look at these seven designs — all of which exude distinct sophistication and style:

1. Barndominium with Natural Accents

Modern amenities and inspired architecture allow barndominiums to showcase their incredible creativity and intentional design. Grey cedar shake siding is a natural choice for this type of structure, and bolstering the surroundings with natural accents can really elevate the entire look. The best approach is to select stone features in a similar grey hue as the siding and emphasize dimension with white trim.


2. Mixed Media Exterior

Not all homes with grey cedar shake siding have to commit to a monochromatic exterior. In fact, integrating different tones and textures can create a more modern twist on traditional styles. Gently lead the eye from light grey smooth lap to dark grey cedar shake siding and beyond. The key to pulling off a mixed media exterior is to gradually shift colors throughout the exterior so that contrasts are not too jarring.

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3. Coastal Comfort

Gorgeous greys, blues, and whites are on full display with a coastal aesthetic that blends similarly soft hues. Grey cedar shake siding may not seem like a traditional choice next to the sea, but he subtlety in texture and color make it a natural pick that complements multi-level patios, gables, and grand window displays beautifully.


4. Craftsman-Style Home

Craftsman-style homes are recognized for their natural charm and welcoming ambiance that feels like home. Grey cedar shake siding piggy-backs off this concept by boosting the coziness of the home’s exterior. Meanwhile, the grey tone — best paired with white trim —keeps the home looking polished and sophisticated.

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5. Two-Texture Approach for Multi-Level Homes

Structures with several stories can benefit from contrasting textures that emphasize elevation and provide distinction for various architectural features. Start with a simple texture on the ground level, like grey smooth lap siding, then graduate to a more textured surface on higher levels, like grey cedar shake siding. Trim helps with the transition, and keeping the same color tone throughout the siding makes the shift more cohesive. Overall, a two-texture approach adds attractive character to the home.


6. Main Street Charm

Covered porches, brick smokestacks, and fixed shutters provide plenty of character on traditional homes. Highlight these features with an equally charming siding selection. Grey cedar shake siding is an excellent choice, since it provides a soft hue that easily contrasts with more striking colors, like red, green, yellow, or navy blue shutters.


7. Grey and Brown Earth Tones

Homeowners who can’t get enough of earth tones can still get in on the grey siding craze by choosing neutral hues that blend effortlessly with grey cedar shake siding. Taupe, beige, light brown, and cream are easy picks to partner with charcoal or light grey siding.

Choose Grey Cedar Shake Siding That’s Built to Last Longer

No matter which style homeowners select for their grey cedar shake siding, it’s important to remember that the material can make a big difference in the performance and longevity of the product. For homeowners who aren’t keen on the endless upkeep of natural cedar, check out Allura’s grey cedar shake siding which is made from fiber cement. It’s a durable, low-maintenance alternative that’s built to last.

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