New Survey Reveals Home Builders Choose Allura

Homebuilders, architects, and contractors want to work with materials that they know are going to be well received with homeowners. They also want to work with quality materials that will stand the test of time, while letting them meet their aesthetic goals for a property. In a recent survey of brand preferences by Peninsula Publishing, home builders chose Allura fiber cement as their preferred siding for the homes they build.

The Allura Difference

For more than 75 years, Allura has been committed to ensuring that homebuilders using their products have what they need to make their projects a success. This is done through the quality and appearance of their fiber cement siding, which has a realistic wood grain, and is formulated to work in any climate. It won’t splinter, rot, or crack and is resistant to moisture and fungus.

Allura works hard to ensure that builders have the most up to date information and knowledge available about their current product lines. This information helps ensure that builders have what they need to make every project they undertake with Allura siding a success. It’s this diligence that has helped to make Allura the preferred siding choice of home builders.

Additional Awards

In addition to being the preferred material for siding amongst homebuilders, Allura has also been named the Silver Finalist for the NAHB’s largest and most prestigious award at The Nationals 2017 in the category of Best Marketing Promotion by a Supplier or Industry Partner. This further speaks to Allura’s commitment of educating and promoting their products to builders, who are most likely to benefit.

Allura was also recognized for its Catch the Excitement program at the 2016 Sunbelt Builders Show in Texas where they encouraged attendees to visit the company’s booth to register for a grand prize fishing expedition.

What This Means for You

With more homebuilders choosing and trusting Allura than any other material, it means that you can rest assured that when you choose Allura for your next home or project, you’ll be getting the industry’s best, most preferred siding – and for good reason. Allura wants its builders to succeed, which means that they want homeowners to succeed by offering long lasting siding that will look beautiful and perform well year after year, no matter what the location or the climate.

When you choose Allura fiber cement siding for your home’s exterior, you can rest assured that your project is going to go ahead with knowledgeable installers who trust and prefer this material over any other. You can also rest assured that your home will have a natural, realistic wood-grain appearance, and that it will keep that appearance year after year without chipping, splintering, or rotting. When homebuilders choose Allura, it means that you benefit as well.

Trust Allura Fiber Cement Siding

Choose the material and brand that more builders prefer over any other – Allura fiber cement siding. When it comes to your home exterior, you can trust Allura to deliver the material, knowledge, and expertise necessary to ensure your building project succeeds.

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