4 Home Building Trends for California in 2017

Home building in California is on the rise again after a several years’ slump. And builders all over the state are taking notice of what homeowners want, as well as emerging trends to ensure continued growth in the field. And like any specific area, there are trends showing up in California that are unique to the area, as well as trends that are sweeping the nation. These five home building trends for California in 2017 are poised to pave the way into the future.

1. Clean Lines, Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are trending everywhere, and in California in particular just now. More home buyers are looking for homes and buildings that have clean lines and lots of open spaces, as well as versatility in the rooms themselves. It’s becoming common for home buyers to look for layouts and floor plans with a great deal of flexibility, so that rooms can obtain double purposes.

To help achieve this, not only is an open floor plan crucial, but so is a clean, minimalistic style. Clean, simple lines help the resident to put their personal stamp on things, so more builders are beginning to create homes that are in line with this trend.

2. Fiber Cement Siding

Many homeowners today are also looking for low maintenance, durable, and sustainable materials for their homes. Home buyers are looking for homes that can support their lifestyles, and that won’t require lots of maintenance and care. To that end, materials like fiber cement siding are becoming popular for typically high-maintenance areas such as the home exterior.

Fiber cement siding is rot, insect, and moisture resistant and doesn’t require repainting very few years. It’s also considered a green material because it can contain some degree of recycled material, won’t require frequent applications of paint containing VOCs, and won’t need to be disposed of again in a short period of time. Fiber cement also has the ability to come in several different styles, including the clean, minimalist architectural panels that are so popular right now.

3. Quartz Counters

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has just published their annual trend survey, and topping the list of materials that’s trending across the country, including in California, is quartz countertops. While granite used to be the material of choice, it’s become ubiquitous having been installed in so many homes. Many of today’s trends are about taking risks with color and material, as well as with using more sustainable materials.

Quartz counters come in a range of fun, bright colors. Homeowners can achieve a marbled look with quartz countertops or they can go with black quartz countertops for a more modern feel. On top of the endless style options, they’re also durable, low maintenance, and often contain a very high recycled content, making them a greener choice than granite as well.

4. Natural Light

Home buyers today are looking for energy efficient homes that can make the most of their surroundings. They also don’t want a home that’s going to impact their lifestyle negatively, or cost a lot to build or run. For that reason, more builders are beginning to incorporate natural light into their designs. Having a great deal of natural lighting – more windows, skylights, and plate glass walls – means that you can eliminate a lot of the energy associated with illuminating the interiors during the day. A lot of natural light sources can also help enhance some of the energy efficiency of the house as well by capturing some of the heat from the sun. Heat mirror glass installed in the windows keeps temperatures more comfortable, while letting in plenty of light.

Create an On-Trend Home

Trends are predictions of what’s going to influence the building industry of an area for many years to come. Lighter colors, more natural materials, and versatile spaces are all topping the lists of what people want to see in in the coming years. Include some of these trends into your next home to stay ahead of the building game.

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