5 Home Building Trends for Oregon in 2017

Like many areas in the Northwest, Oregon has seen a lot of growth in the home and building industry in recent years. Sales of single family homes are consistently higher than they have been, and many new homes are being built, while older homes are being remodeled.

While many Oregon homes are being constructed or remodeled in trends that mirror those being seen around the country, there are also a few that are unique to the area as well.

Contemporary Style

While Craftsman-style homes have long been one of the more popular choices for architecture in the Northwest and particularly in Oregon, recent trends have also begun to emerge that are pushing contemporary style homes to the forefront of the industry. Many of the trends that are popular in this area today are more easily achieved through contemporary style, such as open floor plans, and the use of many insulating materials, such as concrete blocks. For this reason, a large percentage of the new homes being built in the area are contemporary in style.

Fiber Cement Siding

Whether you’re residing a Craftsman or building something contemporary, a very popular material in the Northwest in fiber cement siding. This comes in part from the ability of the fiber cement to take on so many different styles; rustic looking shingles and contemporary panels can both be found with the same types of benefits. Fiber cement is more environmentally sustainable than materials like vinyl, which helps fit in with many of the growing concerns in the Northwest. In addition, fiber cement is extremely durable. It is perfect for the wooded areas of Oregon since it will not burn, not is it affected by termites or other insects. And since it is not affected by expansion or contraction, there’s less worry about things like peeling paint or chipping and the need to replace or repair the siding as you might with wood siding in the Northwest’s wet climate.

Environmental Concern

Probably the biggest trend seen throughout the area is the concern for the environment. Nearly everything going into homes being built or remodeled today are being weighed for their environmental impact, and those with the least amount of impact are the ones getting the most use.

Besides things like fiber cement siding and insulated concrete blocks, other materials showing a great deal of popularity in Oregon include homes being built of dirt, as well as wood and other materials with very low levels of VOCs. Homes are being created to be as energy efficient as possible, with energy upgrades one of the leading sources of home renovation in the area.

Pre-Fab Construction

While stick building is still one of the most frequently used building methods anywhere, pre-fab construction is a rapidly growing trend in the Northwest. Manufactured homes were once considered to be only things like mobile houses, but new building practices mean that modular construction can create nearly any type of home or floor plan.

The popularity of this type of construction stems from several areas. Modular construction is much faster than stick building, which can save on issues such as delays and drawn out costs. And because the homes are built indoors, there’s less chance of damage or delay due to the weather. Finally, because the finished homes need to be delivered to their final site, the resulting structure often contains as much as 20% more building material than stick built home, making them incredibly strong, durable, and long lasting. Contemporary and environmentally sound homes are easy to create using this method, which may also contribute to its current popularity.

Flexible Floor Plans

Part of the rise in popularity of the contemporary style home comes from the current trend and desire for flexible floor plans within the home. While open format houses have been popular for some time, today’s homeowners want to be able to change the way that they use their homes whenever necessary, which has given rise to the flexible floor plan. In these spaces, little definition is given to the rooms, so they can be reconfigured to suit the homeowner’s current needs and desires.

Along with this type of floor plan, many contemporary buildings are also being built in a single story to help create a more useable, flexible layout within.

Create an On-Trend Home in 2017

Trends can often be seen as predictors of things to come in the following years. Unlike fads, which are often over before they’ve gained a lot of traction, trends in home design are often long term outlooks and desires of homeowners and builders alike. For this reason, many of these trends currently being seen in Oregon are likely to continue for the next several years, allowing homeowners who move on them now to benefit for the longest amount of time in resale value and in comfort. Create an on-trend home in 2017 by applying any of these trends to your Oregon home to create a better house for the future.

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