How to Help Builders Sell Fiber Cement Siding to Their Customers

These days, building materials dealers have to be more than experts in their industry; they also have to be able to sell their customers on the features and benefits of a particular product and help them with practical information like installation and care. That’s when a dealer’s expertise comes in.

Fiber cement siding is one of the most durable, easy to handle and attractive building materials available. Its versatility is unbeatable. So how can dealers sell this amazing product to their customers? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help dealers do just that!

Aesthetics Meets Function

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One of the major concerns professionals and their clients have is aesthetics. Your customers’ clients are as unique as their needs and a one size fits all solution isn’t going to cut it. That’s why good fiber cement manufacturers offer dealers so many options to stock and order.

Fiber cement comes in multiple colors and finishes. It is available as smooth or traditional lap siding or shake, or it is available in panels for a more modern, minimalist look. There’s a combination for every design vision. And no matter what style your clients and their customers choose, they can rest assured that fiber cement is more durable than comparable materials like wood or vinyl.

Because there is so much choice with fiber cement, Allura has created a Visualizer to help dealers assist their customers. It’s easy to use, ensuring customers have as much control over the process and their design choices as they want.

Help Them Visualize the Perfect Design

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Helping to bring a design vision to life is invaluable when selling fiber cement siding. This is something dealers want to be able to do confidently and with tools that facilitate easy communication and visualization.

Brochures and samples can go a long way, but a tool that helps customers see how fiber cement siding would look for their clients’ projects can not only help customers feel confident in their decisions but sets a dealer apart as one with expert knowledge. This will also help ensure repeat business!

It’s for this reason that Allura has created our Visualizer where industry professionals can work either on their own or with a dealer to visualize their design. Helping customers sort through our fiber cement siding products and walking them through the Visualizer process will help sell fiber cement siding as one of the best options available.

Showcasing previous projects in conjunction with the Visualizer also helps a vision come to life. For samples of Allura’s previous projects, check out our gallery here.

Easy and Quick Installation

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Having a design choice is usually followed by questions about installation. Builders don’t want the hassle of complicated and costly installation. Making sure the installation process is quick and easy is essential.

There’s a fair amount of information out there about the difficulties of installing fiber cement when compared to other siding options. But this is not necessarily true!

Fiber cement from reputable companies can be installed quickly and with relative ease, which keeps both cost and time low. And unlike wood siding, because fiber cement is resistant to expansion and contraction, the cutting and installation process is much easier.

Easy, fast installation is an important benefit that dealers will want to communicate to their customers when they are choosing exterior siding material.

Minimal Maintenance, High Durability and Safety

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Dealers need to make sure that the product they’re selling to their customers is of top-notch quality and safety. Being knowledgeable about the maintenance requirements of fiber cement will help set your customers’ minds at ease. The average lifespan of good quality fiber cement is around 50 years and this means the likelihood of replacement (and callbacks!) is minimal, a fact your customers and their clients will be pleased with.

Another benefit of fiber cement siding is how safe it is. Allura fiber cement siding is a class A fire-resistant material. As wildfires are becoming a serious concern in many western regions of the U.S., ensuring homes are protected is a non-negotiable for builders, and something that should absolutely be emphasized when advising customers on their siding choices.


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Dealers’ knowledge of fiber cement siding warranty information goes a long way in instilling confidence in customers. Fiber cement siding benefits are plentiful, and those benefits include its durability. In fact, fiber cement from Allura is so durable, it has an industry-leading 50-year warranty on its fiber cement siding products.

A dealer’s thorough knowledge of the warranty details is important to be able to answer any questions builders may have about installation warranty requirements and to help them communicate to their clients important information on what homeowners can do to void a warranty.

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Learning how to sell fiber cement siding is one of the key factors in helping customers make decisions with ease and confidence. Getting to know these products while also using tools at your disposal, such as Allura’s Visualizer, sets a dealer apart from the rest and ensures a productive and positive business relationship.

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