7 Color Options for Cabin Siding

Log cabin colors create an impact sooner than almost any other detail of the home. Whether approaching from the woods or cruising by and admiring curb appeal, the right log cabin exterior colors have the ability to create instant warmth, charm, and invitation, ultimately providing irreplaceable character for the home.

Selecting cabin siding colors is daunting — too much color saturation can ramp up the energy and take away easy relaxation vibes, but opting for pale siding colors can deplete warmth and make a cabin feel less welcoming.

Not sure which log cabin colors are the right fit for your home? Take a look at these seven gorgeous cabin siding colors — each of which has been perfectly paired with thoughtful architectural details to create excellent curb appeal. Plus, discover an easy solution for keeping your log cabin color in pristine condition without all the routine maintenance!

1. Cedar

Cedar is a traditional log cabin color that exudes energy, warmth, and refuge. Because of its bright appearance and overall clarity in tone, this color creates a crisp visual appearance that looks fresh and inviting. Smooth stones add to the natural ambiance created with cedar-colored cabins, and earthy accent colors, like forest green and dark brown, offer effortless color combinations to further enhance the overall look.

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2. Dark Brown / Cinder

Some log cabin paint colors are designed to capture a more rugged appearance that mimics the surrounding outdoor terrain. Dark brown, or cinder, is one of those beautiful cabin colors that capture the raw beauty of the natural world. The connection to the rugged terrain is enhanced by pairing these colors with slate stonework, creating a wonderful effect that feels like a true woodland oasis. Integrating light-colored trim is a great way to brighten up this dark exterior color and keep the cabin approachable without losing its rugged aesthetic.

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3. Pewter

Though it is not considered a traditional exterior color for log cabins, pewter is becoming just as popular as the standards, thanks to its clean color tone that can feel more polished and residential than classic log cabin colors. Pewter is a light color, so it’s also a prime candidate for textured siding designs, like board and batten, lap, or variegated paneling, which are more noticeable with light siding colors.

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4. Light Brown

Many shades of brown are suitable for log cabin exteriors, but light brown tends to offer more design potential than other similar shades. Light brown captures a natural tone, which perfectly fits the architectural format of a log cabin. It matches exceptionally well with different colors, like mahogany, rusty red, forest green, and black. This versatility gives light brown an edge over other shades, allowing homeowners to explore creative exterior design ideas for their log cabin.

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5. Maple

Reddish in tone yet not overly saturated, maple is an excellent log cabin exterior color. Projecting a classic look that still feels modern, maple is a consistent color favorite among cabin enthusiasts. Like light brown, maple is another excellent color for creating visual layers and exploring various textures, like shake, board and batten, and Dutch lap.

6. Mahogany

The gorgeous red tones of mahogany make it an excellent choice for log homes located in suburban areas, as the color fits in well with developed landscapes. A crisp white trim lifts the overall appearance and creates exquisite definition that highlights and accentuates the log home architecture.

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7. Cream and Grey

Cream and grey are both very unconventional colors for log homes, but they work surprisingly well when combined correctly. Tudor-style log cabins, or log cabins with prominent exterior beams, provide the perfect canvas for coordinating these two neutral colors, resulting in a calm and relaxed appearance with a contemporary touch.

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Log Cabin Color that Lasts

Unfortunately, log cabins built with natural wood require a significant amount of upkeep and maintenance to keep their original color. Sun damage, humidity, and everyday wear and tear can cause natural timber to crack, fade, and rot, requiring regular repairs.

For that reason, many log cabin enthusiasts are turning to fiber cement siding that replicates the gorgeous look of authentic wood but requires little upkeep. With a wide range of attractive factory-applied colors, including a two-step stain option like those featured here on this list, Allura wood-look siding is an excellent choice for creating the ideal log cabin charm with the added benefit of enhanced durability.

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