Allura Color Spotlight: Mahogany

The color of your home says a lot about it. Color can have enormous appeal for many people, enhancing the way that they feel about something - including a house.

mahogany siding

When you want to make a natural, yet bold statement for your home’s exterior, consider Mahogany from Allura. This rich color is outstanding on any home style and is sure to enhance its curb appeal, no matter where you live.

A Rich, Deep Color

As the name suggests, Mahogany is a rich, deep brown color. Unlike actual mahogany wood, however, this color picks up the lightest grain hue from the wood and brings it to life as a siding color. Mahogany is very deep and sumptuous, with reddish undertones that give it a natural-looking glow.

The color can give your home the look of a natural wood stain - something that can benefit a lot of different styles of homes, and that will complement a variety of surroundings. Mahogany works well as an overall color for homes, paired with a variety of different trim and accent colors. It works well on both lap siding and shingles, and can make a bold statement as a stand-alone color or one that’s paired with a secondary color to bring out architectural highlights.

Mahogany is a good color for those that like the idea of a neutral, but want something a little richer and deeper. Mahogany isn’t going to stand out like a red or green siding, but it has more spice to it than a true cream or tan neutral. This can help give it nearly universal appeal amongst both those who prefer things on the neutral side and those who prefer homes with more color and personality.

Trim and Accent Color Combinations

Mahogany is a wood tone, which means that like actual woods, it can pair really well with a wide variety of different accents and trim colors. A classic white trim looks crisp and clean against the reddish-brown hue of Mahogany, while a gray trim can give the whole property a softer, yet more dynamic appearance.

The color of the siding itself also invites a variety of accent colors as well. You can pick up the red undertones and go for a bold red front door, or opt for a contrast and use a forest green shutter to create a statement on the exterior.

If you like classic color combinations, you can’t go wrong with a bold black shutter, front door, or roof. The black really pops against the reddish-brown of the Mahogany siding, giving the exterior a richer appearance.

If you have a home that features different types of siding or that has different architectural accents you’d like to showcase, Mahogany also pairs well with other siding colors. Consider a rich gray if you’d like to add some contrast, or if you want something more subtle, consider a soft tan or a very warm cream as an accent color.

Architectural Style

Mahogany is very close to a natural wood color, which means that it works well on nearly any architectural style. With the exception of very decorative homes that feature a lot of gingerbread, Mahogany has the ability to enhance nearly any home. It works particularly well on Farmhouse, Craftsman, and Ranch style homes, because these styles tend to have very clean lines that pair well with Mahogany’s color. Likewise, contemporary style homes and simple, rustic-style homes also tend to look good when clad in Mahogany.

However, when used with a secondary color or accent color, Mahogany also works well on more transitional styles. For example, the color could complement a Colonial-style home if it were also paired with a secondary color such as gray or tan to help break up the exterior and add some depth and contrast to the design.

And because landscaping is so important to the curb appeal of a home, remember that homes located in areas with a lot of nature or that have very rich landscaping can also do well with this color. The rich, natural tones of Mahogany can either be contrasted by a lot of greenery, or be complemented by a wooded area, which can enhance the style of your home with a more natural appearance as well.

Regional Preferences

Like many colors, Mahogany tends to have more widespread appeal in some regions. This is particularly true of regions that prefer both natural and darker colors.

Homes in the South are frequently painted a deep color like Mahogany, where the richness of this color would not only complement the area’s preferences, it would also likely stand out as a bold and slightly unusual choice.

In the Midwest, Mahogany would be the ideal color to use on nearly any home. Natural colors like Mahogany have a lot of appeal in this area, and the richness of the color would be sure to make your home stand out.

The color would also work well in many parts of the West as well. It has just enough red to the color to make it work well in the Southwest and is natural enough to blend in with the Northwest as well, giving it a very broad range of appeal.

Consider Mahogany Siding

Mahogany from Allura is a rich, deep color with a lot of versatility and appeal. Whether you want to give your home a more natural appearance, or you’re looking for something a little different, Mahogany is an excellent choice. Consider this or any other color from Allura to get a long-lasting color that will enhance your home.

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