12 Modern Home Exterior Ideas to Steal From Allura's Image Gallery

The appeal of modern homes continues to grow each year. And with that appeal comes more and more homeowners who are beginning to make over their homes and home exteriors to match the new aesthetics. So it makes sense that contemporary home siding materials like Allura’s fiber cement architectural panels and siding are getting a lot of attention right now as well. If you’re looking for some new ideas for remodeling your modern home’s exterior, take a look at these 12 images form Allura’s image gallery.

1. Industrial Chic

When most people think of siding, they think of traditional lap siding, but that’s far from the only available product for covering your home. Allura’s architectural panels and trim system gives you sleek, contemporary style for your home’s exterior, allowing you to get an industrial design.

2. Contemporary Beach Homes

Who says a beach-front property has to look traditional to fit in? Using a combination of lap and board-and-batten siding, this contemporary beach property follows the clean lines of the metal roofing, and is protected from the harsh salt air at the same time.

3. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design is making an incredible comeback of late, with many homeowners choosing to incorporate accents from this time period throughout their homes and on the exteriors as well. The window trim on this home helps the exterior achieve the look, mimicking the columns on the front.

4. Two-Tone Contemporary

While lap siding is most commonly used in more traditional settings, it can also be put to good use on contemporary buildings as well. In this case, two different sizes of lap siding, one painted and the other stained, help to draw the eye and mimic the lines of the home, giving it a more modern appeal.

5. Complete Your Surroundings

One thing that appeals to many people about contemporary homes is the way that they can adapt themselves to their surroundings. In this case, this home is built into the side of the hill, while it’s many different levels and lines help accentuate its position. The lap siding helps to draw the eye lengthwise around the building, completing the look.

6. Mixing Styles

Who says you need to use just one form of siding on your home? Fiber cement comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s possible to combine them for a look that is as unique as your home is. In this case, the ship lap siding makes an interesting break against the larger architectural panels.

7. Mixed Materials

There are a lot of different ways to create a modern looking home. In this case, fiber cement architectural panels are not only mixed with vertical siding, but with natural stone as well. The effect adds a lot of depth and interest to the design and keeps the home from looking “cold” or “sterile”.

8. Differing Sizes

In this home, there’s not only a mix between ship lap and architectural panels, there’s a size difference as well. The oversized panels help accentuate the height of the building, while the ship lap helps draw the eye, lengthening it. The contrast between the two colors helps to further the design.

9. Top and Bottom

It’s not uncommon for homes like this one to have a natural break between the upper and lower levels. So why not take advantage of that break and use a different type of siding on each one? In this case, the traditional lap siding is hidden around the back of the home, while from the street you only see the architectural panels.

10. Rustic Modern

Rustic modern design has become extremely popular in recent years as people begin to put a greater focus on natural materials and appearances. In this case, the fiber cement lap siding is the perfect, low-maintenance complement to the natural wood and stone, completing this home’s exterior.

11. An Updated Look

Another way to get the popular rustic modern look on your home is to mix more traditional siding types in unexpected ways. This homes, made up of different buildings make use of both straight shingles and vertical board and batten siding. The effect separates each one of the four areas, and gives it a fresh, modern feel.

12. Modern Living

Even when you don’t want a fully contemporary home, it’s possible to use fiber cement siding in a way to give your home a more updated appearance. In this case, two different sizes of lap siding contrast with the clean white trim and soffits to create a fresh, modern look on a more traditional home.

Get the Look

Allura’s fiber cement siding is so incredibly versatile, you can use it to create nearly any type of façade for your home. If you’re looking for a fresh, modern look, try stealing one of these ideas for your next home remodel.

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