Selecting a Moisture Resistant Outdoor Ceiling Material

If you have a porch, three season sunroom, or other outdoor living area with a ceiling, it’s important to select the proper material for installation there. Ceiling materials used inside aren’t able to hold up to the moisture, rain, wind, snow, and other elements that the space may be exposed to.

At the same time, however, it’s important to give the ceiling of these areas a finished appearance to help complete the curb appeal of the property. An unfinished ceiling can also have issues with moisture, as most materials used for framing and construction do need some type of water resistant finish.

Using a waterproof beadboard paneling that looks like real wood can be the solution to finishing your porch ceiling, and enjoying it, too.

Traditional Porch Ceilings

In most cases, porch ceilings tend to be finished in a handful of ways, most of them decorative in some manner. This includes paneling, coffered ceilings, and beadboard.

Unfortunately, most of these materials are not able to withstand moisture. So, wind-driven rain, high humidity levels, ice, and snow may cause the ceiling to break down or rot over time. This not only takes away from the appearance of the area, it also adds to the maintenance and upkeep of the porch.

Some people choose to install waterproof materials in this area, such as smooth paneling or even siding. But while these materials do help protect the porch ceiling from moisture, they don’t complement the area visually, or provide one of the traditional designs or styles.

Moisture Resistant Beadboard

One way to achieve a traditional style, and still protect the ceiling of your porch or awning from moisture is to install waterproof beadboard paneling from Allura. Moisture resistant beadboard made of fiber cement has the look and texture of real wood beadboard, but the durability of fiber cement.

Fiber cement beadboard panels come in sections measuring 4 x 8 feet, so they cover the same amount of space as a traditional beadboard panel. They arrive primed and ready to paint, so you can coordinate their finish with the rest of your porch or outdoor living area.

Once installed, they resemble traditional beadboard both from a distance, and up close. This is a distinct advantage not only over wood products, but also fiberboard and tile panels; the fiber cement panels are easy to cut and install, look like real wood, and will last for years.

The panels are non-ventilated and install and perform similarly to real beadboard. The difference is in their longevity; while traditional beadboard will begin to peel and eventually rot over time, fiber cement beadboard panels will for years without needing any maintenance. And just like other fiber cement products from Allura, fiber cement beadboard panels are covered by a good warranty. This far exceeds the expected lifespan of traditional beadboard paneling.

The panels are also resistant to insect activity, impact, and fire, as well as moisture. Using them to cover your porch or sunroom ceiling will give you years of low maintenance coverage, while still giving you a traditional style.

Get a Better Outdoor Ceiling

Whether you’re renovating your porch, or putting in a new three-season porch, you need a ceiling material that will look great and will perform well no matter what the weather. Waterproof beadboard paneling made of fiber cement meets both of these criteria. It won’t peel, chip, or fade, and will give your porch, gazebo, or sunroom the classic style of beadboard. Invest in fiber cement beadboard paneling from Allura today to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out your outdoor living area.

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