Allura Color Spotlight: Ashen, a Neutral Color for Any Style

The color that you choose for your home’s exterior says a lot about it. Your home’s color needs to match its architectural style, your neighborhood and general area, and it needs to be attractive both to you and to anyone passing by. This can seem like a tall order, especially given the large number of color choices on the market today.

There are several shades and colors, however, that have nearly universal appeal. Using one of them means that it’s then merely a matter of narrowing down your choices to one that will match your home and general area.

Ashen, from Allura, is one color that fits in well with a variety of situations. This light, warm-toned grey matches up well with recent color trends. All hues of grey and its accompanying color greige have had nearly universal appeal for the last several years. Ashen straddles these two shades, making it the perfect siding color to complement any home.

Light Colored Siding

Light colors for siding, like Ashen, tend to have a broader appeal than many bolder or darker shades. That’s because light colors tend to be a little more subtle, which can let the home’s architectural features take center stage, rather than the color itself. Light neutral colors, like grey tones, also have this effect. They allow the trim, siding shape and style, and the contours of the house itself to stand out.

Ashen is a very light grey that has a barely discernible beige undertone. This makes it a warmer choice than some other light greys, but gives it more personality than a true beige would have. The warmer hue of the grey helps give it more universal appeal, working well for both people who prefer warmer neutrals and those that like grey finishes for their personality and interest.

Color Combinations

Because Ashen straddles the line between warm and cool tones, it also works well with a variety of trim and accent colors. For those that want a light, neutral background for the home, but want a few pops of color or to highlight certain sections of the architecture, Ashen makes a great choice for the main siding.

Because Ashen is so light and because it has a warm undertone, it will work well with bold dark and bold trim and accents. For example, you could get an ultra-modern look by pairing Ashen with a very dark grey trim. Or you could go bold by using Ashen as the main color, and using a blue, red, or green accent area in a different style of siding.

For example, if you wanted to show off the areas beneath your gabled roof, you could switch a half round shingle and pick it out in a different color than the rest of the home. This would draw the eye right to this area and create a focal point.

And if you want a more subtle approach, Ashen will still work well with a crisp white trim. In that case, the cool white would simply warm up the rest of the siding, bringing out the beige undertone to help it pop.

Regional Preference

As you move across the country, you’ll notice that certain tones and shades may have more or less appeal. Ashen, like other light and grey tones, would do particularly well in the New England area, where both greys and beige colors are frequently used.

It would also work well in parts of the Midwest, as well as in the north - both areas that see a lot of neutral and light colored siding.

If you wanted to use Ashen in other parts of the country, it would likely work best when paired with darker or warmer colors of trim. For example, in the south, where the colors tend to be darker, using Ashen with a dark grey or dark brown trim would help it capture the appeal of the area better.

Architectural Style

Ashen is slightly unique in the way that it reflects both warm and cool tones. It will therefore work well on a variety of architectural styles, particularly when paired with different trim colors. For traditional-style homes, it would work well with a tone-on-tone trim. Meaning that the trim would only need to be a shade or two off from the main color of the home.

However, when paired with a much bolder color of trim, Ashen could also work well on more contemporary styles. In this case, the color can even be a bright white - the idea is to add contrast to make the architecture pop, rather than blend it in.

Try Ashen from Allura for Your Home

If you’re looking for a house siding color that will work well on many architectural styles and in many regions, consider Ashen from Allura. This light grey hue will have nearly universal appeal with its ability to conform with so many styles and areas. If you’re looking for new siding and a new siding color for your home, be sure to give Ashen a look.

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