Project Spotlight Allura Fiber Cement Siding Used on the Nevada Woods Residing Project in Grass Valley, CA

Apartment complexes have unique concerns when it comes to maintenance, materials, and appearance. So, when the Nevada Woods apartment complex located in Grass Valley, CA needed an update in its façade, they used Allura fiber cement siding to meet their needs.

Installed by Alco General Contracting, out of Sacramento, CA, the new siding contains a mix of horizontal lap siding, shingles, and trim in a pleasing three-tone palette in rich, warm colors. This gives the 78 apartment buildings a significant change from the gray, board-and-batten siding that had been giving the buildings a rundown appearance.

Fiber Cement for Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes may be places where people live, but while a single-family home may get individual attention from the occupants or owners, apartments tend to go longer between maintenance and updates, while at the same time seeing a lot more use and traffic. For that reason, many of the materials that go into an apartment complex need to hold up well long term, as well as look attractive enough to continuously pull in new occupants.

First impressions are extremely important to any building, including apartment complexes. When a prospective tenant arrives to view the property, they want to be able to envision themselves living there, and a warm and inviting façade can help achieve that goal. Fiber cement siding, with its wide range of styles, colors, and textures allows the apartment complex to shine, taking on a more updated appearance that can make it seem like home.


Part of maintaining that curb appeal for the complex is keeping the façade looking great year after year. Wood siding may start out looking beautiful, but since it expands and contacts, the finish tends to break down and requires recoating more frequently. For a complex as large as Nevada Woods, with more than 70 apartments, this can add a significant life-time maintenance cost which could require additional rate increase for residents and more work for the maintenance crew.

Installing fiber cement siding helps to cut down on that maintenance. Since fiber cement is dimensionally stable, the coating performs better and cuts down on maintenance costs and looks better longer.


Durability is also important in a busy building. Apartment complexes often attract a large range of people and families. Children who may want to throw balls near the house, or residents who may want to work on projects outside can often be a threat to most conventional sidings.

Fiber cement siding stands strong against extremes in weather and resists impact. It is even warranted against hail damage. And unlike vinyl, it isn’t affected by heat or cold, so it performs much better.

A Better Siding Alternative

Apartment complexes have needs that go above and beyond those of a single-family occupant home. They need to look great and perform well for years at a time, with as little maintenance and long-term cost as possible. Fiber cement siding meets all of these needs, while at the same time, providing a rich, warm, and inviting atmosphere that can be attractive to prospective tenants and to those who already live in the complex. Make the switch to fiber cement siding on any large project or apartment complex to reap all of these benefits and more.

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