Allura’s Olive Siding: Exterior Cement Siding Color Review

Deciding on the color of the siding for your home can be a big decision. After all, the color of your home plays a big part in its curb appeal – the impression that people first make when they view your home from the outside. With so many colors to choose from, it sometimes helps to choose a very versatile, natural shade for your home’s exterior, something that will pair well with many architectural styles, as well as surroundings. Allura’s Olive siding makes this possible with its muted green tones and warm base, perfect for creating an enviable façade.

A Warm Green

Green is sometimes thought of almost like a neutral. This is partly because it’s a color found so often in nature. That said, however, not every shade of green will work in every situation, and not every shade will be considered to have mass appeal.

Olive is a muted green that definitely has a lot of natural appeal and association. With a warm, golden undertone, Olive pairs well with true neutrals including natural wood tones, beige, cream, and tan. It can be used as an accent color on a natural wood-sided home to create a more visually appealing look, or it can be used over the entirety of the façade as the main color of the home. Because the color isn’t very dark or bold, it can be used on a lot more homes than some other shades of green, giving it a more widespread appeal.

Easily Paired Color

If you’re looking to create a color scheme for your home that will feature two, three, or more colors, Olive is a natural choice for one of the main colors on the home. This flexibility means that you can use Olive to create several stunning looks, following your home’s architectural style and its setting.

Used as the main color on the home, Olive can create a very soft, subtle look by pairing it with cream-colored trim and a tan roof. For a more dramatic appearance, Olive can be paired with natural wood trim to create a nature-inspired look. It can also be used with lighter or darker shades of green to create an almost ombre appearance for the home that can dress up more contemporary facades, for example, Olive would pair well with Emerald to create a stunning, two-tone effect on the home. Or, for a subtler, but deep color shift, consider pairing Olive with Nantucket Gray, which has a slightly warm, green undertone to it that matches Olive perfectly.

A Formal Color

Olive has a rich hue to it that makes it work best on architectural styles that have some degree of decorative element to them, including Victorians and Tudors. For the same reason, the color could also be used to dress up some more transitional architectural styles as well, including Capes, Gambrels, and some contemporary homes. The key is in how the color is paired.

For example, a Victorian featuring Olive would also make great use of several other shades including Emerald, Nantucket Gray, and Pacific Blue to pick out the many different trims and details. A more contemporary home, however, might feature Olive on its own, with a very crisp white trim for contrast.

Used on a cabin, Olive would be best paired with natural wood stains to help take advantage of its natural color and association.

Regional Appeal

Olive would do well in a number of regions across the United States, but it may work best in areas where natural colors are more frequently used on homes. For example, in both the North and in the Midwest, home colors found in nature are among those most commonly used on homes. So, in these areas, Olive would fit in very well.

The deep tone of Olive would also help it fit in well in both the South, and in the Pacific Northwest where darker colors are often found. By tweaking the accents used with Olive, you could also make this color work in other areas as well. For example, by using it as an accent color with Nantucket Gray, Olive would fit in well in the Northeast also.

Pay attention to the setting the home is in as well; Olive would work beautifully in rural settings, particularly those surrounded by trees, as the color of the siding would complement the surrounding area perfectly.

Consider Allura’s Olive Siding

Olive is a rich, multi-toned color that will enhance many homes whether used as an accent or the main color of the siding. Used alone or with another of Allura’s beautiful shades, Olive will last for years without fading, chipping, or peeling, so you can be sure that you’ll enjoy this color for many years to come. Consider Olive fiber cement siding for your home to capture this beautiful color for yourself.

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