Outdoor Beaded Ceilings: Considerations and Design Ideas for Your Space

Nothing flatters an outdoor space more than beautiful exterior beadboard ceiling. Whether you’re working with a wraparound front porch, a garden gazebo or a simple back door overhang, you can create a stunning outdoor oasis by installing beadboard.

Bead board comes in many material types, from wood to plastic and now fiber cement. The advantages of fiber cement beadboard over traditional ceiling building materials are pretty distinct.

With all of the benefits added to the beautiful appearance, it’s not even a question that beadboard is both practical and stunning. Continue reading to explore the benefits, along with four creative design ideas to try at your home.

Benefits of Using a Beadboard Ceiling

There are many benefits in store when switching to beadboard. First of all, Allura’s beadboard is crafted using an innovative fiber cement material. This creative production results in a much stronger finished product. Fiber cement provides gives this beadboard ceiling an enhanced durability which provides greater durability to the homeowner.

Unlike traditional wood slats or plastic paneling, Allura beadboard has all the features and benefits it’s siding has. Allura beadboard will stay strong, providing a clean look for your home’s exterior.

This increased durability leads to another huge advantage of exterior beadboard: it requires less upkeep and maintenance. Wood paneling becomes faded after getting hit with long term sun exposure, ultimately requiring fresh paint. With fiber cement beadboard, the color appearance stays crisp over time, no matter how much direct sunlight it endures. Because the color won’t fade, you won’t have to worry about time spent applying a fresh coat of paint.

Likewise, the durability of fiber cement helps protect the ceiling from insect damage, scuff marks and cracking. All of those issues are routine when you have a traditional od outdoor ceiling, but with fiber cement, there won’t be a wealth of upkeep required to keep your outdoor space looking top-notch.

Increased durability leads to less maintenance, and less maintenance leads to the next big advantage of beadboard: cost efficiency. When choosing to install exterior beadboard ceiling panels, you’re making a smart investment that will pay off in the long run.

Initial fiber cement beadboard costs pale in comparison to money spent on repairs, repainting and maintenance with traditional building materials, like wood and vinyl. Invest in beadboard, and enjoy the payoffs for years to come.

Design Ideas

While fiber cement beadboard is a hassle-free design option, there’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach to creating the outdoor patio of your dreams. There are many creative ways to apply this practical building material. Check out some of the top design ideas below.

1. Color Coded with Frames and Edging

One way to approach an exterior beadboard ceiling is to take a visual inventory of the colors present in your outdoor space. Match the beadboard to one of the prominent colors. One of the most popular choices is a crisp white, which often matches the surrounding door frames, baseboards, handrails and windowsills.

2. Highlight Architectural Flair

There may be unique architectural features, like an archway or angled entryway, built into your home’s exterior. Take advantage of these special details by applying outdoor beadboard ceiling panels in a way that highlights and flatters the architecture. This will add character to your outdoor space.

3. Fine Slat Detail

There are several exterior beadboard ceiling panels to choose from. Consider your options, including panels that feature fine slat detailing, to create a look that you and your house guests will love.

There are many ways to integrate beadboard into your exterior living space. While the creative applications are plentiful, the practical advantages to beadboard are abundant, too!

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