Dress Up Your Porch Ceiling in Style

Porches have been making a comeback in terms of popularity in recent years. As the idea of outdoor living spaces takes off, more people are adding things like porches and decks to their properties than ever before. This enables you to enjoy your property more during the nicer days of the year.

The porch is unique amongst the many types of outdoor living spaces being promoted. It has a roof that can help protect the porch and the user from inclement weather. It can also help protect visitors to your home as they wait for the front door to open. Your porch will, by necessity, have a ceiling as well.

Many people, when they’re considering the addition of a porch, put a lot of time into considering the style, the flooring, and how it will coordinate with the rest of their home. Unfortunately, this often means that the ceiling gets overlooked during the design stage, and is often given a plain finish.

Having a finished porch ceiling is important for many reasons. Having one that’s also finished with style can have an additional impact on your curb appeal.

Why You Need to Finish Your Porch Ceiling Properly

Your porch ceiling may be covered by a roof, but it’s still part of the exterior of your home. This means that while it may not be getting directly hit by rain, snow, and hail, it is being subjected to moisture, ice, and high winds. For this reason, it needs to be finished in a material that is designed to hold up to these elements. Otherwise, over time, your porch ceiling could begin to peel, chip, sag, crack, or have other issues that will lower the curb appeal of your home.

At the same time, having a finished porch ceiling enhances the entire structure. It adds to the curb appeal of your home, and gives your entire facade a more finished appearance. For this reason, you’ll want to do more than simply cover it in plywood; you’ll want to create something that will complement the rest of your home.

Porch Ceiling Design Ideas

While the porch ceiling isn’t the most decorative area on your home’s exterior, there are still plenty of ways that you can dress it up to help bring out the best in its style and appearance. Check out these four design ideas to get inspiration for how you can finish your ceiling:

1. Simple Beadboard

Beadboard is an essential part of cottage style, and an ideal complement to a front porch. This is a classic look that has a lot of appeal to a broad range of people. Done in fiber cement siding, which is less likely to peel or chip than wood, a beadboard porch ceiling will give you years of low maintenance beauty, so you can enjoy your porch for longer.

2. Decorative Moldings

Where the ceiling meets your home is a space that’s ideal for creating a little extra interest. Rather than simply using standard trim to join the two planes, consider using a more decorative molding. This simple touch can add a lot of extra charm and detail to your porch ceiling. This is especially true if you coffer the ceiling or break it into sections.

3. Add a Fan

If you plan on using your porch regularly, dress up your ceiling with a fan. Ceiling fans aren’t exactly a new idea, but by including one on the porch, you can extend your use of the area during the hottest weather. Add a light, and you can also increase the safety of your porch for guests, or extend your enjoyment into the later hours of the evening as well. Ceiling fans also complement beadboard ceilings perfectly, so you’ll have a design match as well.

4. Section Your Ceiling

Coffered and tray ceilings have long been popular as a way of adding detail to a room. While they might be a little much for a simple porch ceiling, it’s still a good idea to break up larger porch ceilings with some moldings between sections. This adds a little extra interest to the ceiling, and helps create the illusion of “rooms” or spaces within the porch for reading, relaxing, and entertaining. You can use a number of different ceiling styles between the sections, including beadboard or a plain finish to complete the look.

Dress Up Your Porch Ceiling in Style

No porch is truly complete without a finished ceiling. No matter how much detail you put into the columns, railings, or flooring of your porch, without a ceiling to match, the area just won’t appear complete. A high quality ceiling made out of a material designed to be used out of doors, like fiber cement, can go a long way toward completing your exterior style. Dress up your ceiling with one of these design ideas and gain more curb appeal.

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