Pre-Finished Fiber Cement Siding

There are a lot of benefits to using fiber cement siding on your home’s exterior. Not only is fiber cement siding one of the most durable and low-maintenance products out there, but it’s also quickly becoming the number one choice with builders as well.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the product is its ability to be pre-finished in many contemporary colors and stains, eliminating the time and expense of needing to prep and paint the siding after its installation. Pre-finished fiber cement siding products not only help make the product easier to install; the technology used to create them also helps ensure that these colors continue to stay true year after year.

Sherwin-Williams Paints

For over 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has been the industry leader in paint and in factory-applied finishes. That’s because of their commitment to surface design and the quality of the product. Sherwin-Williams is responsible for paints and color technologies that have been used on the White House, Freedom Tower (New York), the Golden Gate Bridge, and even the Hollywood Sign, which means that you can trust the quality of their colors.

Spectrum Finishes

Pre-finished siding makes the installation and upkeep of your fiber cement faster and easier than ever before. Best of all, nearly all Allura products are available in many colors and stains. This is the broadest spectrum of colors and finishes available, offering you choices from rich dark colors to warm pastels, so no matter what style of home you have, or how many different types of architecture you want to detail, you can easily coordinate and match the colors with the Spectrum finishing system. And if you’re interested in finding a color that will really make your property stand out, custom colors are also available in most markets, so you don’t need to settle to make your property look and perform great.

A Superior Product from Start to Finish

In addition to having a finish that will hold up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it, the pre-finished fiber cement siding products from Allura are built to last in other ways as well.

The Allura fiber cement cladding line has a unique formulation that gives the product incredible flexibility and strength.

Because of the unique manufacturing process, the grain of the fiber cement planks also repeats less frequently, giving you a more realistic appearance for your siding, with true, bolder colors at the same time.

A Versatile Product Line

Pre-finished fiber cement products aren’t just limited to horizontal lap siding. You can find the same attention to detail and long-wearing, bold finishes on the entire product line. This includes not only horizontal siding, but fiber cement panels, trim, half-rounds, octagons, soffits, and shakes. So no matter what type of architectural features your home has, you can easily mix and match various pre-finished fiber cement products to meet your needs, getting the same quality, durability, and long-wearing, true, bold color.

Make the Smarter Choice

Pre-finished fiber cement siding provides you with benefits from every angle. And with Allura’s broad range of colors to choose from, you’ll never have to sacrifice style or personal choice for durability and ease of installation.

Pre-finished fiber cement will provide you with years of beautiful, durable curb appeal for your home with little to no upkeep or maintenance. So make the smart choice for your home’s exterior and invest in pre-finished fiber cement products from Allura for all of your home’s exterior siding needs.

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