5 Striking Red Cedar Shake Siding Home Designs

Red cedar shake siding is an iconic look that once spanned across the country as the nation found its own traditions. Now, this distinct Americana aesthetic is coming back into fashion — only this time, red cedar shake siding is built with materials that are updated, advanced, and prove to be more durable in the long run.

Take a look at five striking red cedar shake siding designs and discover how to choose the red cedar shake product that will last for decades to come.

Why Designers Are Turning to Red Cedar Shake Siding

Not only has there been a revival in original Americana aesthetics, but new siding products are allowing these classic designs to be more practical for a wider range of regions. Red cedar shake siding is no longer limited to rural areas in moderate climate zones, like the Great Plains. Designers are finding refreshing ways to integrate red cedar shake siding in all different settings.

Red cedar shake siding evokes a comforting coziness that many homeowners strive for when designing their home, and it continues to be a go-to selection for exterior siding. Modern design touches keep the curb appeal contemporary and polished, so it’s easy to make homes fit into the surrounding terrain, no matter how rural or urban the setting.

Building with the Best Red Shake

Something that homeowners need to be aware of is the fact that not all red cedar shake siding looks or performs at the same level. Natural cedar requires an incredible amount of upkeep to maintain its original appearance, and even then it can become susceptible to insects, rodents, woodpeckers, moisture damage, and color fading from sunlight exposure.

Homeowners who value high-quality materials that will last much longer — and continue to look good with minimal maintenance — tend to opt for red cedar shake siding that’s produced with fiber cement. Allura is an excellent provider of high-quality red cedar shake siding that is much more durable because of its fiber cement composition. Choosing a product like Allura can ensure that your red cedar shake siding continues to look great and perform at top quality for a much longer period of time.

There are many different approaches to design, affording homeowners lots of creativity during the process. Take a look at five distinct home designs — all of which use red cedar shake siding in a way that stands out.


1. Colonial-Style Architecture

Colonial-style homes often feature relatively flat dimensions and a linear arrangement of windows, doors, and smokestacks. Whether it has a sloped roof or a flat roof, the curb appeal on a colonial-style home can be enhanced with a bold color choice and additional visual texture. Red cedar shake siding provides both, making it an excellent option for this traditional architectural style.


2. Craftsman-Style Home

Craftsman-style homes commonly feature multiple dormers on the second level, covered porches, and sloped roofs. Red cedar shake siding complements these features even further. Since there are so many angles to work with in Craftsman-style homes, it can be beneficial to pair red cedar shake siding with bright white trim, which helps emphasize the dimensions of the home.


3. Strength and Stability with Red and Black

A particularly bold choice is partnering red cedar shake siding with black trim. The dark color combination creates a style that exudes strength, stability, and protection — values that many homeowners are looking for in their home. The beauty of the red and black exterior color combination is that it works well regardless of the architectural style, bringing a modern look to houses that are well-established or newly developed.


4. Two-Tone Siding Layout

For even more creativity, homeowners can consider using a two-tone approach for their exterior. Install red cedar shake siding on the second level and use a different hue in the same color family for the first floor. Navy blue and forest green are popular selections that work well with red cedar shake siding. The key to this design strategy is to unify the look of the home by featuring a strong trim color, like pure white, that can help the siding selections look more intentional and cohesive.


5. Modern Barndominium

Red cedar shake siding is absolutely ideal for modern barndominiums. The red cedar shake captures the original design inspiration behind a barndominium without giving up a modern color palette. The combination of architecture and siding is truly complementary — you simply can’t go wrong with this choice of siding!


Variegated Shingles

Homeowners should remember that there are different arrangements available with red cedar shake siding. For example, shingles can be organized to overlap at uniform integrals, or the shingles can feature a variegated layout, meaning each shingle has a slightly different length or position than the one before it. Both styles are quite popular, and it provides homeowners with another avenue for creating their own unique look.

Make Red Cedar Shake Siding Last Longer

A versatile selection, red cedar shake siding looks great on a variety of architectural styles. No matter which style and trim homeowners choose, it’s important to remember that material type can influence the longevity of siding. Due to its fiber cement composition, Allura’s red cedar shake siding lasts longer than shingles made from natural cedar, affording homeowners a smart choice for a longer-lasting exterior. Take a look at Allura’s innovative product line!

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