7 Beautiful Red House Siding Ideas

Red is one of the boldest, most instantly recognizable colors you can use to clad your home. From rustic, barn reds to true bold shades, red amps up the power of your home’s appeal and its visibility.

Red House Siding Ideas

There are many different shades of red, and nearly as many ways to use them on your home’s exterior. These seven red house siding ideas will inspire you to create a bold and exciting home exterior of your own.

1. Classic Barn Red

When most people picture a house with red siding, they’re usually envisioning a classic, barn red or farmhouse style setting. The red that most people associate with this image comes from the type of paint oxidizing after it was painted on the barn, creating a rich, rust-red color that endures to this day.

When choosing this classic shade, consider pairing it with other classic images, such as horizontal lap siding and crisp, white trim. This home also pairs the Autumn Red siding with a white front porch for additional farmhouse-style appeal.

2. Burgundy Siding

With so many shades of red to choose from, there’s no need to stick to the classics if your tastes lie elsewhere. This Craftsman style home uses a rich, burgundy red siding for a more somber look that’s just as eye catching as the classic barn red.

To make the most of the color, the siding changes from classic horizontal lap to a vertical board and batten on the front of the exterior. Paired with the white trim around the windows, this gives the home a fresh new look.

3. Accent Wall

When going for a really bold, rich red for your home’s exterior, consider using the color more sparingly, as an accent rather than as the predominate color of the home. In this case, a rich, bold red is paired with a more somber gray, which helps to tone down the brightness of the red, while at the same time showing it off nicely.

Both colors are applied using an architectural panel, giving the home a much more updated and contemporary appearance, along with an eye-catching color and design.

4. Rose Red

Town houses and other homes that are linked or joined together often need to make use of different types of siding in order to stand out from one another. This townhouse does just that by pairing a rose red siding with a wide board and batten style on its front.

The color and texture make the house stand out beautifully from its surroundings, while at the same time giving nods to the homes on either side. The shutters on one home and the door on another are similar enough in color to the siding on the red house to create a cohesive appearance between the three.

5. Rustic Appeal

Classic Autumn Red siding doesn’t just look great on horizontal lap siding; it also pairs well with more rustic styles as well. These staggered edge shingles help to give a more natural look to the home, adding a little more texture and depth than ordinary horizontal lap siding can give.

The result is a richer color that can capture even more interest, whether used over the entirety of the home, or just as an accent under gables or on the lower half of the home.

6. Mixed Siding Textures

Red can be an overpowering color at times, particularly when it’s used over the entirety of the building. This residential building keeps that from happening by mixing different types of siding together over its exterior. The horizontal lap siding on the majority of the building is broken up by the shingles used at the top.

The same color is used throughout, but because the lines of the siding are broken up, it keeps the color from becoming too much for the homes to handle.

7. Contemporary Color

Many people consider red a traditional color, and save it for farmhouse, Craftsman, and other classic styles of home. This modern home puts that thought to rest, however, with a bright red used in an architectural panel over the entirety of the façade.

Bright, bold reds like this one are bound to get your home noticed. And when used with Allura’s smooth architectural panels, they won’t fade the way that you would expect from a bold color like this, so you can enjoy the color of your home for even longer.

Capture the Bold Look of Red House Siding

Whether it’s rust red, burgundy, or a fierce firehouse in color, there’s no denying that red house siding gets noticed no matter where it’s installed. If you’re looking for a way to set your home apart from the competition, consider looking at these and other houses with red siding to get the inspiration you’re looking for.

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