The Best 6 Red-Orange Brick House Trim Colors

Trim paint colors for orange brick houses can be tricky to determine, since red-orange brick is a bright and lively color on its own. Homeowners have lots of color choices to consider when picking the best red-orange brick house trim colors. A little creativity goes a long way, with big payoffs in terms of design.

From classic neutrals to chic and contemporary tones, this gallery provides plenty of design inspiration for homeowners and builders alike. Wondering how to pull off different orange brick house trim colors in a fresh and exciting way? Take a look!

1. Blue Trim

The Best 6 Red Orange Brick House Trim Colors 01

Blue trim is an unexpected choice for red-orange brick houses, but it works well on this home for a few reasons. First of all, tone can play a big role in determining the compatibility of different colors. While a primary blue trim may have looked jarring and immature on this stately home, navy blue communicates an upscale quality that reflects the sophisticated character of the surrounding exterior.

Not only does the navy blue contrast well with the red-orange brick facade, but it also provides exceptional dimension, effectively outlining the important architectural features that express the Classic Tudor style. Dark brown is better known for those iconic tudor-style beams, however navy blue brings a contemporary twist to the design without losing its original character. Like all smart exterior design choices, the navy blue trim helps enhance the appearance of the bright exterior, showing that blue is worthy of serious consideration as one of the most interesting orange brick house trim colors.

2. Black Accents

The Best 6 Red Orange Brick House Trim Colors 02

Black is considered one of the most popular trim paint colors for orange brick houses, wood-style cabin exteriors, and everything in between. With such versatility, black trim can be used on essentially any style of exterior, to add visual definition and accent color. This home shows how black shutters help frame the windows and create grounded color harmony between the orange-red brick and beige lap siding.

3. Classic White

The Best 6 Red Orange Brick House Trim Colors 3

Like black, white trim is another classic choice for trim that works on almost any architectural style and exterior facade – including red-orange brick houses. This multi-level home combines classic red-orange brick with sage green lap and shake to create a cozy feel with excellent curb appeal. In addition to white soffit and downspouts, the windows feature white frames, as well as the porch columns and banisters.

Color consistency is carried out through the matching sage green garage door, and the all-white tone used across the trim, soffit, fascia and downspouts. This smart distribution of color adds to the cohesive look of this brick house.

4. Sage

The Best 6 Red Orange Brick House Trim Colors 4

Here’s another example of a tudor-style exterior that has been absolutely overhauled by a fresh and exciting color palette. The dark brown door is a nod to the classic color palette of this architectural style, but that’s where the traditional tones end. Sage green panels are subtly outlined by sage green trim, which creates a gorgeous effect that feels fresh and contemporary.

Also, notice how the doorway is framed by this same shade of green trim to keep the color consistency within the orange brick entryway. Exceptionally warm and sophisticated, this home is an excellent example of exploring hues that you wouldn’t normally associate with red-orange brick house trim colors. Taking a risk like this is worth it!

5. Red and White

The Best 6 Red Orange Brick House Trim Colors 5

One of the advantages of a brick-style exterior is that the color composition often features a variety of tones, which provides plenty of possibility for accent colors and matching shades. When working with variegated colors – as seen in this lively orange, red, and white exterior – selecting a tone from those included in the brick-style composite can often be a great choice for the surrounding trim colors.

Even from a distance, red feels like one of the most natural red-orange brick house trim colors that would be appropriate for this home, and the red trim even pops well against the beige siding used on the upper-level bump out. Adding clean definition, white – which is also part of the variegated brick facade – frames the windows well, to provide excellent color contrast and classic style.

6. Taupe

The Best 6 Red Orange Brick House Trim Colors 6

Though taupe is not a well-known choice when it comes to red-orange brick house trim colors, look at how natural it looks on this little brick bungalow! Matching shutters and window frames balance out the color, while also mirroring the taupe trim used around the door frame. Taupe brings a quintessential coziness to this small structure, to convey a relaxed and rustic palette that still feels put-together and fresh.

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